My family needs 4 (at least 2) t-shirts made by Oct 12



Hello Bitcoin Pub family,
My family will have our last day at my work, which is a church. They will have us on stage and I want to be wearing the name of our organization Presence + Practice

For this day we need 2 adult (1 L + 1 small asian women small) t shirt. :slight_smile:
And, possibly 2 kids shirts.

Does anyone within the pub create t-shirts like this?
And, is it possible to do it and send it to us in LA by Oct 12?

For the T-shirts it could be as simple as a black t-shirt with the word PRESENCE on the front and PRACTICE on the back.

I have an idea.
I could wear a shirt that has PRESENCE on the front and PRACTICE on the back.
And, my wife could have a shirt that has PRACTICE on the front and PRESENCE on the back.
That way, the 600 people could see us and visually see PRESENCE + PRACTICE

Ok, I’ve shared enough. Just to see if anyone can do something like this.
Any help is appreciated.
If we can’t do it within the pub, maybe someone can point me in the right direction online or in LA.

This is the “logo” I created on Canva in 3 mins and have been using.
It is not anytihng professional. Just as a background.

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