My first go around at building a rig!


Rebuilt my previous gaming PC to a mining rig yesterday. I had been running it as a single gtx 1050 ti and then I got my 2nd card to feed my new addiction a gtx 1060 6gb.
So I’m currently using SMOS as a operating system from a 32gb thumbdrive.

Recommended mining software or OS for beginner miner?

A few more that I missed was gonna post this last night well this morning hahaha but I didn’t finish till 1:30am


many a late night can easily be spent on mining rigs.


I know man it was so tired I plugged in the rig and was running but smos wouldn’t connect and couldn’t find out why till I realized I forgot to plug in the ethernet cord hahahaha🤣


Yep, under those rigorous conditions the simple things often get overlooked!


Can we mix different cards without problems on one motherboard? 1050 with 1060 or RX?


“without problems” is a relative phrase. yes you can, I guarantee nothing as far as getting it to work issue free. particularly if your gonna bios mod


Update to the rig! Added a whole new setup on the bottom self! Consist of . H110-D3A motherboard with a i3 processor and 4gb of ram. A 750 corsair powersupply. 3x XFX Rx570.
As well as moved both rigs to HiveOS.


Little update video after bottom rigs been running for 4 months.
and A good ole cleaning!