My First rig up and running


Hey hey all. this is my first rig. It has 9 gtx 1070 g1 and 1 gtx 1070 founders edition. 2 1000w gold modular power supplies. b250 19 gpu mining board. good pcie risers. celeron processor. master cooler fan. 2 8gb ballistic sport ram. case fan controller 10 fans for gpus. after all the cable management of snaking wires I give you Medusa’s lair. lol

Named It so when I build more rigs I know whats what.


Well Merry Christmas to you too! While all I want is 2 GTX 1070’s :sob:

What you gonna be mining? And what’s your avg. daily take?


Welcome to the Rigging Club! i think us miners need a badge!.

Hell of a bad time to get in im making atleast 70% less then what i was making last year.

With 1070’s join the PUB hashit pool mine some BTCP

but dont be discouraged it will pick up :+1:


Ty I’m part of it already for sure. 4500 sol/s and i gut second hand cards witch helped my price


I’m apart of the bitcoin pub pool mining btcp (bitcoin privite) not sure on my return yet.


Luckily prices are starting to go down on videocards finally. I am going to get once built myself. At the current prices right now its like a year for the return time. If you keep reinvesting though you can really multiply your profits fast.


Very nice rig man, was it hard to get the motherboard and everything set up?


its a little trial and error to get it set up. I’ve got the b250 19 gpu motherboard running smos on it. I’ve got no experience in this so is took all day to work the bugs out. now I know what I’m doing for the next one. much easier now that i understand. If you ever need help just message me or anyone in the miner pool here.


congrats and welcome to the addiction


Thank you thank you @Matchu this is my best new addiction. lol and my wife got me hooked lol


Just wondering. If you dont mind me asking, what are your power cost where you live?


.104 kwh @russman113


That’s not the normal path to crypto, LOL. I don’t know if I will ever make any money doing this, but as long as I break even I know that I’m supporting the greater good and having some fun with some good guys in the pub along the way. So much better than mining in an anonymous pool.


Well you are profiting for sure. Unless it goes down to like 60 cents per card per day. I found out recently that my power is currently .038 kwh. Im sure it wont stay that way for long though.


Also, with that rig you made, are you able to just plug it into the wall socket?


hell yea lol. my wife looked into this first. then I had seen the money potential. and did 4 months of research into this before I started. and I watched the market fall. then got in lol. I just started this year and now. and i just got a rig together been running since 2am. I know this is a good thing. and I’ve got to chat with great ppl about this here for sure @Matchu good ppl and good times with great info.


So your able to plug it into one wall socket?

I know ive been trying to convince my wife, she is skeptical of it all still.


yes its just like a microwave running all the time. most houses can handle one on all the circuit breakers. Anymore then i would worry @russman113 My 10 gpu rig only uses 1200 w with 2 power supplies.


That was my biggest concern. Really looking forward to getting into this. If it stays the way it is now and doesn’t go lower ill be happy lol.


If I can help you in any way please let me know. I just built 2 rigs in the past month so I have some recent experience with the inevitable issues.