My First rig up and running


the hard part is finding all the gpus you want at a good price. all of my gpus are used. I was able to get them around $500 each. lots of looking lol. so Take your time no rush to get what you need or you will pay more lol. Im still getting gpus because I do need more @russman113 Love to get 9 more to finish my first build lol then ill start on another lol. and another lol. good times good times.


What I didn’t realize, is that you can run different Nvidia cards at the same time. I thought it had to be all the same. Thats my exact plan that I want to do. Currently waiting on money lol


Honestly, when i first wrote my investment plan, and projections down. I had to do a double take. Like, it almost isn’t believable. The amount of money you can make if you keep reinvesting crazy. I hope it stays around for a while and profiteable.


Yes you can run different gpus. you just have to set the overclock differently. thats why its better to get all the same this way its just 1 overclock setting. I would say get the same but not necessary. I’ve got just one odd ball and thankfully i can set that one the same as the rest I had to check that one separately on the overclock.


it will be here for a while bro. don’t worry about that. just dca in the market and your rig and you will be good for sure. but i don’t have a crystal ball lol to see the future otherwise I would be labo rich lol


Just tired of doing the same labor job over and over every day. Im hoping to make this my last year of the grind. Would love to wake up and goto my own warehouse filled with mining rigs.

Believe me, I knew about Bitcoin since the beginning. I never took it seriously, and it kills me. So many opportunity that I have missed. Hoping im not too late.


lol me to I blew it off till just about December. i feel dumb too. but I start now to get my business going. Im starting dream maker customs its a resto shop that I’ve been trying to get going since I was 12 I’m 37 and im closer now than ever and I’m hoping this stuff will help me to my dream. now just added a farm with that to because I’m here for the long run all in. I will be accepting bitcoin as payment to.


Thats pretty sick man. Hey if it works out maybe I can have you build me the Mustang I want. :slight_smile:


for sure no problem. I would be honored to build a car for any one on here. Just let me know if you get to that point in your life and I’ll be here :sunglasses:


Just saw this rig (Nemisist419MedusasLair) goes online on the bitcoin private pool. Nice


Very nice mate, i’m envious.


thank you thank you!


Are you in the pool too?


Yup, there’s my baby. Two 1080s dedicated to the pool. :grinning:


thats cool for sure mine is now second on the list :grin: If those 1080 ti price goes down ill get some for sure.


I love it! It looks good man!

Simon (@8of10) mentioned in the live stream on Saturday night that BTCP and the Pub mining pool has been the most profitable coin to mine these last couple of weeks.


Thank you thank you. It took me a while to get it stable with my overclock settings. its a little different from windows overclocking that I use. but I think I got it down now. thanks for your help.


Very creative. Enjoy mining:)


thank you thank you. :sunglasses: I’ve already got an idea for my next one lol. I’m going to make it all white and call it White Noise. with all the fans that is what it sound like lol. not loud but good air movement. lol :grin:


WOW! you found a block!