My First rig up and running


Hell yea I just saw that. that’s cool. woohoo lol


BOOM. Congratulations


ty ty sweet. I was wondering how long till i got one lol


That’s 9 blocks for the day. Today is a record breaking day!


no way WOW!! that’s good stuff.


got an update on the rig. the b250 motherboard is a little finicky. the ports for my riser card are loose. I’m going to try a couple of things If i drop a card again. all I do is push down on the adapter into the slot on the motherboard reboot and its good for most of the day lol. 11 gpu and hashing at 5050 sol/s on average.

ON another note I GOT 2 BLOCKS TODAY SWEET!!! rolf


this is the pcie adapters into the motherboard with the usb 3.0 cables. the ports on the motherboard are spring connector that push the cards up and out. so I put weights on them to keep them in lol. the little ports should have some locks on them to hold the card adapters in lol.


Are these kwh figures you guys a quoting, per 24hrs, or…, what’s the time frame?


my rig uses 1551 w. that’s 37.224 kwh in 24 hour. its $3.87 usd a day $120 a month. in electric for me at .104 a kwh.


Wicked! I love it. I dabbled also in mining, but at a beginners level! LOL


Nice, very nice. But that drums Yo and China possibly 18’’ Love it


ty ty bro yea that’s my drum set :sunglasses: I’ve been playing off and on for 20 years.


I’m a beginner too lol. I only have this rig right now. will expand soon. but I started looking at crypto in December and got in after the first drop. so I’m a noob for sure. but I’ve been doing non stop researching in this crypto tech stuff.


Ahhh, gotcha, thanks so much for taking the time to explain that! :wink:


no problem my man any time. ask any questions i’ll give you what ever info I got. If I don’t know I’ll ask around too.


got my 12th gpu!!! and got new pcie risers too!!! I had version 6 pcie risers they suck ass and don’t last at all. so now I’ve got new ones. they are version 8. they seem to work way better. and they have a red led on them to let you know if they have power too. If they are way more stable I will get more lol.


How much would you say you have spent on your entire setup? I am looking to push some of my gains into possibly mining as well. What coins do you mine? Just BTC?


where did you get those risers, if you dont mind me asking?


I’m only mining btcp. I’ve got only 1 rig. but the rigs are expensive for sure. the gpu are the big ticket items so it’s what you can afford to get. depending on what gpus you get. depends on how much return you get. my gpus were about 500 to 550 each


I got them from newegg. they are version 6 they are not that good I just got version 08 now. much better riser.