My First rig up and running


Is this going to be your full-time job? I have been looking into possibly starting this up as well. Do you need certain GPUs for certain coins? How about an OS? Do you use Linux, or are you familiar with mining using Linux?


not full time yet. I will be at some point. I just started with all crypto in January. mining for a month. takes a lot of cash to get going for sure.
nvidia does a lot. If you want to mine etherium or monero then your looking at amd gpu. check out “what to mine”. you can put the gpu in your thinking of and see whats profitable. or just plug in different gpus and see what is profitable. I us simple miner os. It’s linux. easy to use.


Any good references? I know that the best deals you would look out for, so don’t think I am trying to scalp GPUs off from you haha. I’m just thinking about getting serious about it, if it’s something that can be done as a means of passive income. How much time would you say you spend working with the actual machine? I travel a lot, and would need to leave it somewhere, ergo constant tinkering (aside from needed occasional adjustments) is not something I might be able to do outside of perhaps daily check-ups.

How much does it usually take to get a rig up and running? 10k? 20k? I would like to roll some profits from trading into beginning my mining rig. Unfortunately, I will be needing to do this on a regular household electric supply at the moment (looking into some solar options to help offset, but that’s iffy right now).

So long as there is flexibility via nvidia, then as new cons are released I am sure that it would be possible to adjust what one mines based on what is most profitable, yes?


I got my gpus from newegg ebay and amazon. a lot of them are used and I have no problems. but as the price comes down I’ve been getting new. I spend about 10 min or so checking my rig daily. if there is a problem ill spend more time fixing it or if I’m adding to the rig. so if your rig has a problem your rig goes down. and you can try to reboot if it can remotely or it will try its self. but if it fails it will keep trying not making money wasting electricity.

when it comes to money in the rig that depends. you can get one gpu and make from 50 cents to $2.00 a day per gpu. how much depends on what gpu you get. everything but the gpus are cheap. gtx 1070 are around $525.00 each new. the gtx 1080 are $700 and up. so you have to fugure out how much you can invest right up front. I spent a lot. over 6k spent on my build. I’m planning on a big farm. i would like 15 or more rigs lol.

you can run the rigs at your house. One rig per fuse except were big appliances are on. so don’t share with the fridge or any thing like that. if your putting it in a room thats used you need to put a smaller rig there. my rig is in a room that’s not used so I have 1800w to use. in my living room I can put a 1200w rig in there. back hall way/ bathroom I can do a 1800w rig because nothing is on that circuit. 1000w rig in the kitchen. I got a wattage meter and plugged everything into it so i know my power consumption before the rig. so don’t just put the biggest rig in any room. lol you got a tv lights and stuff like that so don’t take all the power lol. I’ve looked into solar and that’s very expensive to start. 5k and up for solar. and that’s just for one rig.

nvidia is what I use. its the most versatile gpu. nvidia is all about the core clock speed but not good on mem clock speed. amd is good on mem clock speed and not good on core clock. so amd is good for etheriun and monero and others like that. nvidia is good for most of the rest after that your competing with ant miners.


God well I did it. :cry::sob: I did 2 yep 2 great mistakes yesterday. I kicked my self all day yesterday too. like I’ve said before this is my first rig and not my last. and I’m not a computer guy so I had 1 Hella learning curve I did.

So I came home on lunch brake yesterday. I had seen 1 gpu wasn’t doing anything once again lol. but this time I had different pcie risers. so I did this with little light to see well. I changed my riser on that gpu and quickly plugged all back in so I could go eat something and get back to work. I Should Have Left It A Lone And Did It After Work. but nooooo. Mr in a rush turned in back on and didn’t see that gpu so I turned It back off. and seen that the riser adapter to the motherboard was in the back of the 16x port so I accidentally powered the riser data line and shorted the gpu out. that’s 1 mess up. like I said I did 2 great mistakes.

Act 2 of great mistakes. Is I’m not a computer guy and I have never used a pc for anything other than gaming. no programming at all. I’ve never used SMOS before and I’m learning a lot still. So when I unplugged my messed up gpu I didn’t adjust SMOS overclock settings. my 12 gpu was an evga gtx 1070 FTW was suppose to be in the # 12 position wasn’t any more. SMOS overclocking program will shift all the cards over one to fill the hole. so # 12 went to # 11 spot. and instead of it being powered at 110 w it got 130 w for 4 hours before I got home and looked at it. it was at 36 sol/s when I shut it down. :cry::sob::anguished::exploding_head: so I’m a rookie miner and pc guy that just had a rookie mistake. yea me. I’LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN that’s for sure.
so on the positive. EVGA rocks!!! I called them because the gpu has warranty still on it. and they warrantied it for me. no problem :grin: but I emailed gigabyte and they have not responded yet. I probably wont hear from them tomorrow. I hope I hope. and If they warranty it for me that would be great. and I just got 2 more gpus coming in a week. so right back on the horse. Just a kick to the head and back to work!!!


Just wanted to share this travesty with everyone that we are all human and we all make mistakes hopefully all is warrantied in the end. and Ill have 14 gpus insted of 13gpus lol i’ve got to laugh at my self now can’t do shit about it now.


yikes man, I hope you get everything back in order soon!


yea It’s all good. I’ve got 2 hurt gpus. 1 is for sure warrantied and the other Ill find out this week. but I ordered 2 more to make my self feel better lol. Ill dry my tears with 1 gpu for each eye lol. they will be in on Friday. :sunglasses: all is good and I will never do that again. retrospectively I should have just eaten. I was very hungry and rushed my self. and messed up. so I Just need to slow down around this stuff. I’m new to this and it’s not a car that I know like the back of my hand. At least I’m man enough to say I messed up and how to prevent it in the future. so I learn and make my self better for it :grin:


I’ll be honest and show that I am so new to the concept, that I don’t quite understand the reasons why your 2 mistakes were as catastrophic as they are, or how they even happened! I understand that shorting out 2 GPUs would put a nasty hit in your mining rig, but can it not at least still run with the remaining ones until they are able to be replenished? How did you miss the GPUs shorting out, because wouldn’t that have happened right away? I am not familiar with how the ports would impact this, as how the first GPU shorted out in the first place, if it was plugged in correctly?


the pcie risers are adapters for the motherboard so you dont have to plug your gpu into the motherboard. there is 1 slot for the gpu to plug directly into the motherboard. so I accidentally plugged my adapter into the back side of the port on the motherboard for the gpu and that shorted the first one. the overclock settings are individually done for each card. well I unplugged the one gpu and number 12 gpu went to number 11 overclock settings and cooked it to death from to much wattage. I got 130w instead of 110w and died :frowning: so I have lost 1000 sol/s so im down a lot but i’ll be up to par soon.


so as an update on my rig. well besides my stupid mistake. as I look back lol. got to laugh. but thank god for warranty on the 2 gpus. evga and gigabyte are great for there warranties lol. I got 2 new evga gtx 1070 sc. they are nice and efficient. 4.1 sol/w. so I’m back up to par. and I’m getting a new power supply. 1600 watt evga titanium. so my little mistake and I’m better at this now. :sunglasses::rocket:


Very nice rig, and glad to see you got it up and running again. I’m very envious of your hash rate!

I’m using 1080’s, and can get 4.0 sols/w, but I have to throttle them back to the point that I’m only getting around 515 sols/s.


ty ty for sure.
if your getting high sol/w your doing good. the 1080 are power hogs for just another 100 sol/s over the 1070. to me it wasn’t worth it. but at 4 sol/w your doing good for sure.


Yeah, the 1080 is fairly versatile…if your power is cheap, you can really put out the hash, with the ability to throttle it back for pretty good efficiency if power cost is an issue.

Power where I’m at is cheap at $0.06 per KWh, and now that the difficulty rating for mining BTCP has gone up (again), I think I’ll let the Big Dogs eat. :wink: I’m gonna let them run at 100% power limit with a mild overclock on both core and memory, but at a temperature ceiling of 59C That’s the limit, and not the average… I’ll be shooting for 54C as average temp.

Cards don’t care about utilization rate; you can run them at full throttle for years and years. What they really care about is temperature. Let them get warm, and they’ll die. Time at temperature is what kills cards, with you getting far less time with increases in temperature.

I’m still using an i7-920 that I installed in February, 2009. And for 9 years, it has been running at 3.75 ghz (stock was either 2.3 or 2.6 ghz) non stop. I never shut it down, and I do not let the clock slow down when the processor is idle, so it’s running at 3.75 ghz all the time. But I never let it get over 55C. Ever.

When I finally get to the point where I can upgrade my desktop (it’s going to be a while, as I just built my son his first machine and went all out on it), I’ll keep the i7-920 on file server, backup, and mining work duty. I’m going to see exactly how many years I can get out of it. :slight_smile:

I also ran a GTX 295 graphics card for 9 years, too. I finally took it out of service when I built my son his first gaming rig, and needed the slot in an old machine for a mining card. It, too, was overclocked as high as I could get it to stably run. It also was never shut down. But it never saw a temp over 50 degrees (it had a full coverage water block on it), and still runs just fine to this day.

So gents, don’t be afraid of running your cards hard. Just make sure you keep them cool, and they’ll run forever.

Well, that kinda went off on a tangent. :slight_smile: Just what is on my mind since I’m going to be working on overclocking my 4 1080’s and one 980 to the max today.


good insight my man. I run my cards hard but no more than 65c ever. that’s my limit. my hottest card is 63c with no fan on it. with a fan its 59c. but pushing my cards Im at 4 sol/w I think It’s good :grinning:

were are you that power is cheap like that? mine is $.104 per KWH.


A very small town in southern Utah.

Yeah, 4 sol/w is very nice!


yea i’m north of Chicago IL my self.


I’m so excited for tomorrow. I’ll have 14 gpus woohoo lol.

and I just secured another location for 5 more of my big rigs. it has 240 volt power for me to use at 40 amps. So I’ll have plenty for cooling too.

lol this is cool shit to me for sure. I’m looking forward to growing the farm lol.


So is that your full time job now?


I’m getting there. for sure. I’ve put a lot in but my pay back is good. the profits are there as long as you have a lot of cash to get going. I’m also trying to get it to the point were it will grow it self. so I project about a year and I will be working for my self. Dream Maker Customs, hot rods to restoration and resto mods. I’ll also accept crypto payments