My First rig up and running


So it does work than. Good to know, I have the same kind of plan, just invest for long term. I mean, as someone that really doesn’t have alot of money to begin with, 600$ videocards seem kind of expensive. The return being in 10 months or so is really interesting to me. I plan on using it as supplemental income for the winter time when my landscaping dies down. If I can get to to be a fulltime thing that would be fantastic.


It maybe expensive but all businesses take money to start. I’m starting rig number 2 now. and we are not looking back lol. the gtx 1070 ti are great cards. better than the 1080 for power usage. look at used gpus too. all of mine are second hand cards. take your time and look for deals. they are out there. me and my wife are bargain hunters. so just got to wait sometimes to get more gpus. msrp for used gpus sucks for sure.


So I just figured out that my asus b250 motherboard has a limit of 12 nvida gpus on it. Smos has a 15 gpu limit. so now I’ve got 2 more gpus for the next rig lol. It was suppos to be on this one but my motherboard wont let 13 or 14 of the same type on there. so now to get just a couple of things. more ram and another motherboard. this time I’m going to get the gigabyte b250 motherboard with ballistix sport 16 GB ram and Ive got everything else


Yeah I wish I would have payed attention last year lol, would have already been well off! Atleast this is a thing. Who would of thought we would have a new age gold farm lol


for sure wish I started last year too. but to me its all relative. this will get bigger and the gains will get better. I just ordered my next motherboard and more ram. my next rig will be getting started soon. I’ve spent way more than I figured I would to start. but I’m kinda glad I did. I started march 25 of this year. I only started learning about crypto in December. so I’m late to start but I don’t care. I’ve got my goals and there is nothing holding me back at this point but me lol and my wallet. no fomo and no fud allowed!!! lol


Yeah my limit is $$$ right now. Looking forward to the future. :slight_smile:


I’ve got my second rig up and going.

I now give you Medusa!!!

its a b250 fintech motherboard from Gigabyte. 16 gb balistix sport ram. Pentium 4400g cpu. evga 1000 watt gold power supply. 1 evga gtx 1070 ftw and 1 gigabyte gtx 1070. 930 sol/s 4.23 sol/w


Nice setup but our community is coming at this from an IT side, for the last 27 year I have been playing with PC and working with the hardware. On cooling the GPU down in gaming setups and ps3. Our community is working on a box that will keep your cards cool to the point of 3x your hashrate on the same setup but put inside our box. All of the data shows us that getting the chips to run at 1-2C More information on our project as it gets developed.


sounds interesting. love to see a working prototype. lol and how loud it might be. defiantly keep me posted. and let me know power consumption/ noise level if possible.


Sounds like a mini-air condition, hence why its an enclosed solution…


How many gpus fit in the case?


Even with sub ambient temps you are not going to get 3x the hash rate. Most GPU’s if setup properly do not need sub-ambient temps to reach their max hash rate. The only time this really plays a role is when you get into setting world records and then you are looking at increase less than 1% or 2%. You can typically squeeze out slightly more hash rate by increasing power draw to get a higher OC and then adding more cooling to reduce throttling. In the end your additional electric costs of the OC have eaten into any additional hash rate.


Lol not sure how I’m tagged here, but I believe your reply is directed to @2Bitscoin’s comment.


Yeh i just clicked on the wrong reply lol.


No probs bro. However, I do have a few questions I’d like your thoughts on though. I’ll just put the links here so you could go to the respective posts:


that’s what I was thinking too. unless your pushing to the limit there is no point. but the power usage must be crazy high and then there’s no point because its not profitable to spend all your money on cooling.


Yep its the same reason you do not see too many watercooled mining rigs it adds too much to the ROI of a tight game to begin with. The few you do see are just for show.


considering I’m new to all of this. it’s good to know my research is spot on. I spent 3 months looking into mining before I thought it was a good Idea. but talking on here and with @ImaginaryPi I’ve learned a lot. and found that I was doing things right just needed small tweaks. now Im doing great. ty for your info for sure. :sunglasses:


this is cool. I just turned my rig on with 220v power. I’ve never ran anything other than a tig welder on 220 v. I was worried that I would just melt it down. but Its good :sunglasses: I got a 30 amp tripp light pdu. had to order new power cables for it too. got some c13 to c14 power cables and 1 c19 to c14 power cable for the new pdu. the psu auto detected 220v and converted automatically. now I’ve got cleaner power using less amps. good times good times. :grinning::rocket:


so this is cool. no monitor, keyboard or a mouse. they run on 220 v power. they are connected to a tripp lite pdu. its a 30 amp 220 v server power distribution unit. I had to get new power cables for my power supplies to plug into 220 v power instead of 110 v. I wired it to handle 6200 watts of continuous power to the rig. so i can run 3 of these on one circuit no problem. and with the tripp lite pdu each psu has and individual beaker fuse. great way to run this for sure.