My new project: cryptocurrency by sector database

I’m working on a new project. I want to take the top 250 coins and organize them into a sector so that the data across sectors of different cryptos can more easily be pulled and manipulated and displayed visually.

But…I need some help.

I’m not a huge Altcoin addict like many of you here on the pub.

This is going to be the biggest project I’ve ever worked on and I’m still learning every step of the way, from the actual sectors we think exist in the crypto space down to the actual MySQL execution.

@Amorfati actually inspired this idea with his post seen here

So I figure his list is a good place to start. I eventually want to catalogue every coin on coinpuffs, or do so to the best of my ability…but for now I want to start with the top 250 on

This list is going to be largely subjective, overlapping, and probably change on the reg, but I figure crowdsourcing something like this is the best way to go.

Here is my working database

Give me your feedback cryptonation. Let’s make this thing sexy.

What needs to be done for the database…

  • Create a FULL list of sectors across the crypto space (how narrow should it go? How many sectors can there realistically be?)

  • Decide whether to only include functional products or testnets

  • Should overlap be included? Meaning should multiple coins be viable in multiple sectors? Could this potentially skew data if multiple coins are allowed in multiple sectors? Probably.

  • Cateogrize top 250 coins on coinpuffs (gradually expand)

  • How to sort out ambiguity of a coin? Just assign it to the best guess category or omit it given its unclear direction?

  • **Should ERC-20 tokens and testnets be considered “crypto equities” instead of cryptocurrencies?

Currently working on building a database in MYSQL, so that once I get a good framework for the various sectors of crypto, I can build an application that pulls metadata from various news sites and sorts cryptos into sectors based on keywords


Check the main post again, I updated it with a link to my working spreadsheet.

I need to come up with a list of sectors and then assign each token to a particular sector. Eventually I want to be able to track and display growth or losses in a sector by marketcap, volume, etc and allow it to be compared to other sectors or just straight up bitcoin.

  1. this is awesome.
  2. this isn’t a knock on the idea itself, but, if you’re personally “not a huge altcoin addict” then maybe this project isn’t the best project to work on.

why i say this is that emotional engagement on a personal project is paramount… you have to be fully bought in, heart, mind, and (sometimes) soul. if this isn’t one of those types of projects then it doesn’t matter… but, when given two options, i’d rather spend time on something that I’m an “addict” for then something i’m just generally interested in.

2 cents.


Appreciate the feedback john.

I’m not into the vast majority of altcoins, but I am through and through a cryptocurrency addict. As long as I’m working on a project in this space, I’m fucking hooked.

This is forcing me to improve my MYSQL and database building skills and then I want to transition it into a workable application.

I need goals or I can’t accomplish jack.

Also, speaking from personal experience, I really desire the ability to monitor sectors of crypto, and so far, nobody has offered a solution.

If worse comes to worse I abandon the project and the pub has a semi useful spreadsheet organizing some market leaders by sector!


Good on you Collin. Whilst I can’t devote time to pitch in, I think it’s a brilliant idea and applaud you for it. I’ll have a stickybeak now and then to see how it’s coming along, and I’ll no doubt make use of it.


Just read this post in another thread - hope it helps.


Thanks, I actually linked to that post in the top thread :slight_smile:


Great idea,I think that this is actually one of the smartest ways to invest in the space. Instead of picking random coins that float ones boat.


I find myself constantly wanting to spread my portfolio across the sector leaders…but I don’t have the information.

I’m concerned I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this project though. I have no idea how to work in full stack, and I’m learning…slowly…but it’s hard with limited time to dedicate lol


This article can be a good starting point:


This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… as it can accelerate your learning (a forcing function).

Or… you can take a step back and re-imagine where you should begin… perhaps break it down into an even smaller chunk.

No one starts with the perfect end in mind… iterate to get there.


Looks interesting…maybe I can help.
I’m back from a moment of long silence (work got in the way)

I requested access to the Sheet via Google.

Nice to meet you!


I would like to help too. We might also need to add blockchains for interoperability, medical records etc.


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