My one reason for buying BZNT tokens!

Bezant has just begun running a community drop with up to 1,000,000 tokens to win. One aspect is writing a blog post.

A blog post? Okay. I want to share my one reason for purchasing BZNT tokens.

But to tell you the truth, I haven’t even read the whitepaper!

What can I write about then?

The team. That’s entirely why I went in. Totally.

I don’t care about someones words, their university degrees, their promises, their paper plans, written goals.

For me its the people. It’s their battle scars from experience. Proof. Its their drive to want to go in a certain direction. Regardless if that direction changes. The flame from within.

When I first came across the project, I was told Dae-sik Kim, who is founder and former CEO of Bithumb was involved. Early in 2018 that exchange had billions of dollars in daily trading. After doing my own research to find out which other team members were involved, that was enough for me. Why would so many people of high calibre get together? To build a scam? To past their spare time? To get rich from an ICO?

In MY own opinion, most of the lead team appear to ALREADY have a good grasp of there own finances and wealth. So, opposed to other projects, the primary purpose wouldn’t be to extract money from customers and investors. With other projects, if the team members are not financially in a good place, they may consciously or unconscious perform actions which put first filling there own pockets with money, over what the best intentions for the project.

From my experience, certain people, once they get financial stable, still want to get more wealth but the way they do that becomes more altruistic. Creating something that is useful to the world and fills a void.

However the problem with that is, nothing will happen overnight. Like a mango tree. It’ll take time to develop. Personally, i’m happy to wait, without much worry.

The lead team back the coin- what else could I want? If it falls, then I fall with them. Lets be straight, this is an investment choice and i’m making the best bet I believe I can in this arena.

A large part of my holdings are in BZNT. To you reading this, its not wise to put all your coins in one basket. However i’m personally a little crazy. And accept all responsibility with the outcome.

Below i’ve copied from Bezants Website who the lead team are, with descriptions about them.

Bezants team-

Steve Tay, Foundation Representative Director- Confirmed to be working full-time. Steve has a broad spectrum of managerial experience in the gaming industry, primarily focused in the South East Asia region. Steve was directly involved in the operation, planning, and execution process to ensure revenue targets were delivered and profit maximized. He has interest in applying blockchain and cryptocurrency to gaming.

Dae-sik Kim, Chief Cryptocurrency Officer.- Dae-sik Kim is the founder and former CEO of Bithumb, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trading volume of over US$6 Bil. (as of January 13, 2018). Mr. Kim has moved on from the day-to-day operations of Bithumb to work on product development of the JEHMI platform and Bezant protocol.onfirmed to be working Full time

Mark Yu, Chief Product Officer- Mark has more than 15 years of managerial experience in various areas of the internet-based web and mobile services and e-commerce most notably in Kakao Corp, the largest mobile platform in Korea, and eBay Korea. He will be joining Bezant as Chief Product Officer, overseeing the project’s technical strategy.

Chan Joon Kim, CEO of Jehmi- Has 19 years of experience working in online and mobile gaming sector. CJ has held a CEO positions at Game & Company, Dyson Interactive, Gorilla Banana Entertainment. He has extensive experience in investments, publishing, and operations of multiple game studios.

Ray Cho, Chief Financial Office- Ray has over 20 years of experience in financial investments including working at one of the leading Korean venture capital firm in Korea Investment Partners. His areas of expertise range from: principal investments, equities sales trading, fund management, and venture. Ray’s has had a strong focus on online and mobile game development and platform investments including Neople, and Webzen.

Ji Kim, VP Corporate Operations- Ji Kim has extensive experience in corporate, international tax, and intellectual property laws. She was a corporate counsel at Xsolla, a global video game software distributor. Before Joining Xsolla, her practice focused on the representation of international companies with a particular emphasis on intellectual property protection.

Keunil Wang, Chief Service Officer- Keunil brings Bezant a wealth of experience in cryptocurrency and also cryptocurrency exchanges. His experience not only includes being a CEO at Coinbin and Korbot, but also CIO at Bithumb, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Bringing his expertise in cryptocurrency, he will join Bezant as Chief Service Officer.

Oh Thongsrinoon, Serial technoprenuer and digital native- Oh’s infatuation with the idea of how technology can disrupt traditional business started in 1996. His professional journey includes being part of numerous successful as well as some failed start-ups. Namedrop time; EarthLink, LAUNCH (Yahoo!), POPidols, Sanook, MIGME, DMP, Grab, Edge Asia and WebTVAsia.

The people above are only their lead team. After that is their development team and support team which are about 15 people, with their own work, life and wins/failing experience. Which also appears to be vast. What i’m trying to say is they aren’t children.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t intended to be financial advice, but a rant. You take entire risk with your investment choices. This post is 100% my own opinion, lol, I have to write this as some people may think otherwise.

For those who want to hear more of what the actual project is about see here for an excellent summary written by a community member too:


Reviving this thread to see how the early investors are feeling.
I was supposed to jump in but havent yet.


I never got my swap tokens, wasnt too happy

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