My post newb portfolio( defending my major losses)

UAfter coming into crypto investing in mid to late dec I got crushed 600 dollar initial investment was 7o pct btc and some alts. Lost a lot. I am quitting gambling on horses but maybe once twice a month instead of daily and putting it in crypto !!! Thanks peter saddington and b90x. My new entries are all long hold options. Looking at 2 years before evaluating and the coins I’m buying are this. 400 in eth. I believe the platform will sustain for at least 2 years before competition can effect it,400 in icx. Because the pub says it’s great at 7 bucks and got it on sale at 3.90, but admittedly I really don’t fully understand how influential they will be ,200 in etc because I do believe it did the right thing also it backs up the potential that eth stays stagnant , 700 in btc because it is the future of all places to store value and I believe other coins are gonna lose ground as more competition enters 150 Ltc. Silver to btc and very usable. 150 sia coin. Because my wife loves it and demand we buy some :clown_face: With 10 percent of total value for each being reinvested monthly, I:e 40 a month into the initial 400 eth etc. Any thoughts?


Lots of research to be done my friend, technical analysis is going to take quite some time to understand lots to take in especially if your new like me.

But that’s what the pub is here for my friend we all here to share our experiences and pass on the knowledge for success!

How about just quite horse betting and invest into crypto instead? Like Peter and John always says think of the bigger picture, think about the future.

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