My thought on crypto and a shoutout to the PUB! (long read) - INTRODUCTION


full disclosures

I joined the bitcoin pub because of @peter and I are good friends. Although my thoughts may seem biased, he did not ask me to write this post nor does he even know i am writing it. Due to my affiliation with Peter, I get asked about cryptocurrencies on a daily basis and whenever there is Mainstream FUD, my phone goes crazy with panicking investors. I thought I’d put my thoughts in a post, as most people I encounter, I send them to the Pub.

I bought my first bitcoin in June 2017… because Peter told me to. He walked me through Coinbase, and sent me his $10 referral fee. (which was .003365 BTC ~ $45 USD now) I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies at the time, and just did it to do it. I have since them spent a lot of time lurking around the forums, and trying to do my own research.


Quick background timeline:

prior to 2017, most of my investments were in stocks. I have holdings in things like Nike, Apple, Alibaba… yawn

since buying my first bitcoin, I have not put another dollar into the traditional stock market. (other than existing funds that have automatic debits). diversification of risk is the best bet for long term gains.

I spent June 2017 - Nov 2017 accumulating Bitcoin. From Thanksgiving - ytd I’ve used my bitcoin gains to invest in the Alts market.

Upon my own research, I felt the biggest/safest growth was in platforms, and my current portfolio mimics as such. ie: ICX, EOS, XLM, NEO are my favorite hodls.

I am by no means a whale like Peter…but i have had many successful investments in the past, and consider myself a “smart investor” - definitely not a moon chaser. I also have a high appetite for risk and find great comfort in this speculative space.

Why Crypto?

The obvious answers are “moon” and “when lambo”. My reasons are a little more personal.

  1. Bitcoin is the ultimate “oh shit” fund. I’m talking crash of US economy/end of world type scenario. If something catastrophic were ever to happen, I know that Bitcoin will give me the opportunity to start over or reset. I consider it the ultimate storage of value, and feel safer now that I’m slowly building my future war chest.

  2. Blockchain is the future. I think everyone here can agree on that. I was fed up with the current state of technology and finance and I want to support/invest in this new disruptive technology. I see a huge transfer of wealth in the near future, and I definitely do not want to be left behind.

My 2 cents (or more)

  1. Cryptocurrencies are currently is the ultimate game of the minds. We all have access to the same information. We trade and make moves based on the same info. At the end , there will be winners and losers. When i look at my portfolio, I get immediate flashbacks to when i spent a lot of time online researching for fantasy sports. As a former avid poker player, I invest using similar strategies. “TIght Aggressive” Cant’ chase every draw. Wait for your opportunity and put in your chips when it matters.

  2. FUD and FOMO - dont chase the news and the pumps. We all know someone who made a ton of money recently getting lucky on certain coins. This is not a great long term strategy. At the end of this boom, which will eventually come and prices will normalize, the ones who had solid long term strategies will be the ones that are successful. Get to know what your’re investing in. Most of the pumps are on coins that have great ideas, but no actual product. Investors are smart, and the money will eventually all move back to the coins that have intrinsic value to society. Read the white papers and road maps. If you are not comfortable holding a certain coin until it hits real milestones, dont waste your time. You could potentially be waiting years, and in which case, someone can easily come and do it better.

Future Predictions and Hypothesis

  1. Don’t expect the same trading volume out of Korea once the regulations come into place. Most of that money is Chinese money that was trading under anonymous accounts. Korea as a country is not as wealthy as people think, and most 95% of its population live in immense debt. I am Korean, and go back to the country once or twice a year

  2. Chinese platforms will take off. We’ve already seen it in NEO. Once China regulates the market (which will happen), they will be the world leader in Crypto once again. Its a matter of when, not if. The Chinese move slowly and are a very patient people. They will let the other Asian countries work out the kinks, and when they feel it is ready, will implement at a greater scale. i do a lot of business in China, and have been for almost a decade

  3. By the US gov’t taxing crypto trades, it is essentially their way of giving it their blessing/approval. Think Marijuana. “Pay your taxes, and we’ll let it ride.” I know here in the states, there are many ICO opportunities we’ve been boxed out of. Dont sleep on the US based ICOs. I know that the buy-ins tend to be higher, and the accredited investor profiles are PITB, but I think they may have huge value. If you are in a position to do so, get your financial and net worth profiles ready, because the US ICOs will require them. I run my business in the states. Rules of the game are always skewed to help the rich get richer

Wrapping Up:

Peter,, Decentralized TV, and everything else this team is putting out there has been great for my learning. There are countless youtubes, forums, communites, chat etc regarding cryptocurrency at the moment. It’s almost imposeble to know who to trust. It truly is the wild wild west. This forum is my number 1 resource and I wanted to give a special thank you to the entire community.

If your goal in cryptocurrency is “when lambo”, trust me, its not going to end well for you. Just because there is a potential shift in wealth doesn’t mean long term business strategies do not apply. Hard work, patience and smart decision making is still king. Lambo is just its reward.

Thanks for reading. Ask me anything!

and feel free to follow me on IG. I do reply to most comments and messages.

and for those that read this and are bored, heres some car porn =)


Getting Started @ The Pub :beers:

Thanks for your post. I recently found Peter, and while I have also found other YouTubers and what not, Peter really gives his youtube channels, and websites and other projects his all, and works tirelessly (must be a Korean thing, us Japanese are not quite as ambitious lol) to get the word out and form a positive crypto community that wants everyone to benefit. His wealth of information is obvious, although he stays humble, so it’s hard to know all that he knows, but we’re all better for it. I love his positivity, work ethic, and his ability to stay above the bs, and he’s really an inspiration to us all, and we’re lucky to have him. It’s rare to find someone who contributes so much to people he doesn’t even know, without asking for a dime. He’s truly a rare, great person. Even if I don’t make it in the crypto markets and get devoured, I will be richer for the knowledge he has imparted for the dozens of videos he’s made, and the bits of wisdom he’s imparted, and his sense of humor, lol.



“What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher. What is a bad man but a good man’s job.”

― Lao Tzu

Most will not get this, but I know Peter does.



Great intro man! We are happy to have you and the knowledge you bring. I’m curious about the rise of the Chinese platforms. I have some NEO and just got into AELF. Hopefully what you say is true because I want to believe!



Love that you’ve shared your story about how you came into crypto… and some context of your decision-making before and after!

Glad you’re here. bias or not, the facts of your story remain clear:

  1. you’ve made the difficult but important decision to invest in a technological future.
  2. you’ve experienced short-term wins (which is great) but it hasn’t clouded you to the reality of risk.
  3. you’re in it for the long-term, which will net you bigger wins / gains as you hodl.




Oh my man. My man. Hey. Thanks @Mattattack for taking the time to share. It really means a lot to all of us!!!

To the moon! :rocket::rocket::rocket:



It’s also easy for you to say don’t worry about “when lambo” … when you… have a lambo… … … :doge:


Those koreans work so hard tho!




Welcome !! :rocket::rocket::rocket:



Good general rule of thumb for international business. Don’t bet against the Chinese.

Good luck!



lol true. “when Bugatti?” :sunglasses:

my concern is not people’s goals, but the way they think they will achieve them. You can’t invest $1000 and think the Lambo will come over night.

Unfortunately, the most common message I get is: “what coins can I buy so I can get my lambo this year?” This year?!?!?

on a side note: I’m thinking about buying some Wynn stock. With the new money created in Crypto, the casinos will have a GREAT year…



thanks for your support as well in this forum! As i just mentioned to Peter, the hardest part about managing this type of community will be managing growth vs being an actual usable community for real investors. Once the PUB hits its hockey stick moment, we’ll see a huge influx of Fuder’s Shillers and moon chasers/trolls.

I’ve spent a lot of time in other types of forums/communities and can confidently say ya’ll are doing a fantastic job.



Hey Mattattack, chaps and lasses of the Cryptonation.

Like Mattattack, I was also an “avid poker player” before I got myself some bitcoin in oct 2017 (via online poker) and have played long enough to experience online poker before the boom (pre-Chris Moneymaker 2003) and the after-effects of that boom.

I turned 18 the year Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP which is also the legal age to gamble in the UK (my country of residence). I found it pretty easy to make money at online poker then as it was a hobby of mine before 2003 but I also found it easy to be distracted at that age. Sex, Drugs and online poker in that order was my priority in life.

It was 6 years later the game caught up with my priorities. I could no longer make money at online poker on a level of consistency to pay my phone bill never mind “the booze and bitches” lifestyle I came accustomed to so I had to adapt and get a to a higher quality if I wanted to continue and I choose something completely different which involved manual labour, old buildings, a different country and a whole new aspect on my life.

I’m now involved in a UK family run business (online retail).

Since then I class myself as a “fun player” (the ones pros label with a green tags usually) when playing online & live poker, which is very rare these days since after I found bitcoin.

I came across bitcoin taking a gamble on what i thought was some kind of huge Ponzi scheme by making a withdrawal from an online poker site (America’s card Room). I was immediately followed by huge amounts of news, fake news info, advice and data (I fucking love data), most of it was total BS but i did come across a few gems. One of them I’m now a “Patron” of.

I have a lot of love and respect for Decentralized TV and the Cryptonation. I think we can all see the hard work they put in to educate and entertain us at the same time and I’m proud to contribute.

During my career in online poker, I noticed a lot of wall st traders being very successful in the online poker rankings and you saw a lot of them hang up their wall st ties for online poker (Mike Weir is one of many). I’m guessing the dot-com bubble also contributed along with Mr Moneymaker winning the WSOP (The Moneymaker Effect).

Playing online poker as a sole source of income, I see a lot of similarities with trading. I used HUD’s and hand tracking software too much in online poker, me being the data junkie I am.

Do you think we are seeing some kind of flippening again where online poker players (what’s left of them) and maybe even gamers will move into trading whether be crypto or any other market?

I personally think online pokers future doesn’t have much left in the tank unless it has another freak boom similar to “the Moneymaker effect” thinking about it should be renamed “The Moneymaker Bubble”

If anyone wants to ask me anything about online poker as I do see a few online poker ICO’s popping up now, ask away. Also if you have information on these ICO’s please let me know as I see some of them targeting broken dreams of online poker players with stupid ideas.

I have over a decade experience playing online poker both as a “Regular & fun player” and would really like to give back to all the “Regulars & fun players” who paid for my drugs, booze and bitches in my younger days.

I’m known to rant on for too long so guna nip my introduction in the bud (yes I smoke the ganja) now. I’m not even sure if this was the correct spot for an intro but I like your intro Mattattack and just hit the reply button and started bashing some keys

Peace Decentralised TV & Cryptonation

P.s I only use the word “bitches” for comical effect. I love women and don’t see them at all as female dogs or hookers and every human is born equal in my eyes.

Crypto Portfolio approx: 33% BTC. 33% ETH. 33% (LTC,XMR, ADA, NEO, QTUM, ICX & 1% lols)

I’m looking to get some Doge and Mysterium (the magical music Peter keeps playing is enough for me)



Thanks for sharing @Mattattack. :+1:
I followed you on instagram. :framed_picture:



thanks for your post.