My wife's webstore accepts BTC and 55 other altcoins

My wife has a webstore:

She is selling female fashion, health and beauty products. We proudly accept Bitcoin and 55 other altcoins. Here is the list of coins we currently accept:

Because the cryptonation is rad, we are offering a 20% discount on any item in her store to all pub members.
Use coupon code: cryptonation dogelords

happy trails!


I’d totally share this with my wife but i don’t want her spending all my crypto


lol!! i don’t blame you. we also accept fiat hahaha

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A bit expensive jeans :slight_smile:

Luckily in fiat it is only 44 USD.

update: I see! Everything is 0.95 BTC…that is bit high exchange rate.


coupon code: cryptonation dogelords for 20% off

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Oh no must be having an issue with btc prices. I will fix that asap


Definitely mining monero, thats all, but yea. hey Ricardo im wondering Can they pay using a credit card and you get crypto on your end through them?


That is excellent, thanks for making the effort.

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Plat, if they pay wih credit card I get my local currency. The crypto payments I receive crypto…

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