Naaah Nah Naaah Nah....Wait Till I Get My Money Right


:musical_note::musical_note: Naaah Nah Naaah Nah…Wait Till I Get My Money Right! :musical_note:


Wait and get the Nano X, supports up 100 coins and Bluetooth, no need to uninstall to clear space, now can have all your eggs in one bucket.


I see that Ledger is making more progress than Trezor.
Ledger native support Ethernet and the Ledger Live which shows a summary of all your coins is cool. It is partnering with Blockchain wallet.

In Trezor, you have to click each coins to see how many coins you have in each wallet, native Ethernet support is still in beta, it has been a few months, still in beta. It feels like that Trezor development/improvement is so low.


Nice! Did you get to see the list of the coins supported by the X ? I’ve looked and can’t find it



hey, hey, hey, goodbye!


I’m old.


Is Steam > Kanye or is Kanye > Steam. A debate for the ages. :joy:


I think most people would be confused as to why you’re comparing a digital game retailer with Kanye…


I can see your point. I should have mentioned Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer. :grin: