Nanopool Eth shares dropping

Hi All,

I’m currently using ETH.EU1 ( i’m based in the UK ) Nanopool to mine against and ever since the price has started to increase on ETH the number of shares i am getting seems suspicious low.

Is this normal as i was mining just over 1 ETH a month and its now dropped to 0.87 which is very disappointing.

Any idea’s or can anyone suggest an alternative pool to join


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probably the difficulty just increased

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Mine dropped over 1 day by 15%. @Pigsfoot and I have very similar rigs. Looking at Ethereum difficulty levels, on Monday, 20th November it was 1489 TH and Thursday, 23rd November it was 1518 TH. Yes, it has increased, but surely this wouldn’t have a 15% impact? I’ve moved over to noobpool until I can get some answers.

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