Need advice on the motherboard


Hi guys,

I was wondering if any mining wiz would be willing to share some advice.
I have an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x CPU and looking to build an 8 GPU 1070Ti rig.
What’s the best/recommended motherboard in my case?


With AM4 you are going to be limited to more than likely an x470 MB as the x370’s were limited to 1 m.2 slot. So 6 x pic slots and 1 x m.2. Just about any ATX gaming MB will work. I did respond to you in discord hehe.


Appreciate the input!


I saw this in Discord too. Wouldn’t it be be better to use the motherboard you bought and get the cheapest Intel chip for the mining rig. I think the Ryzen x2700 is wasted on a mining rig. Use the Ryzen for a nice desktop.

Your H110 Intel board requires an older generation Intel chip from the Skylake series, 6th generation. A pentium or celeron will do.


Typically you cannot return CPU’s unless it is for a direct replacement. The MB he could return.

But yes you are correct in that the 2700x would be a waste on a mining rig.

In the end I think it would be better to try and sell the 2700x and buy the $40 cpu for the MB you have.


I ended up buying a pentium for the board. Definitely gonna use the Ryzen for a new desktop. Really appreciate the input guys!!