Need Mobile 📱 Testers



One of things that we wanted to make sure with CoinPuffs was a super-fast and super-usable experience on any mobile device.

Please give it a test and walkthrough via your mobile device of choice!

Share screencaps and what phone / device and browser info.

Let's Chat About v0.2... :thinking:

The search bar goes over the logo when focused - probably not meant to be that way? I’m testing on Android, Chrome browser



Looks good, but the cards for each coin are quite large and makes for a lot of scrolling.




iPhone 7

Brave Browser

Vertical search doesn’t work. Only comes up when tilt horizontal. This is the same using safari. Not sure if that’s how you’ve design the site.


Found the search button vertical while just pressing the white patch on the top screen.


Pretty neat site. I like the color selection and interface. Will comment more as i review. Great job guys


Need to scroll right on iPad Pro to see 24hr performance charts in full.


After reading the above comments I went through to test things out. Everything functionally works the only think I could see to make it better and you probably thought of it or maybe not is to add the ticker next to the name either its own column or just part of the actual name like what you did with Bitcoin Cash.


Heyy I’m clicking around on the #coinpuffs site now, but from my laptop though. :smile:
So I realized I can post a comment on the site and also share it to FB - pretty cool.


I am not tested yet but wanted to say that you chose a very weird (for my taste) brand names for your projects. I mean these ones:

  • Coinpuffs
  • Cryptoyum
  • Decentralized TV

It can be because lack of my english knowledge or sense of mm…something. :smiley:


Might be something to do with domain name availability and SEO :wink:


I’ve heard something about SEO and I think that the *puffs and *yum is are not the words that comes to mind when somebody searches for something crypto related. So I think these were not chosen because of SEO.

btw: your name is weird too so I can understand you :wink:


We chose naming conventions on food. As simple as that.
Pub. Yum. Puffs. … wait till we roll out our next apps…


Looks great to me on safari. Any way we can get a btc dominance %age ticker at the top too?


Twinkies and Tarts :wink:


Jam HAS to be the next app name :joy::joy::joy:

I absolutely LOVE how each coin has a description!! But @peter obviously did not write the descriptions lol!!!


Lol. Those API pulls tho. Get what we get! Just wait and see what integration I’ll be doing with the PUB. Omg. Going to be explosion. :explopants3:


Then Coincake (like cake charts) or Coincandies (like candles) would be better one for this content. Puff is a bit negative (I didn’t even know that there is food with this name).

But it is just me. So last words on this.


Bahahaha! I’m so excited to see what you guys have up your sleeves!!! Wish there was something I could do to help! Are y’all hiring lol.