Need Mobile 📱 Testers



One can come up with a negative for literally every name, I think coinpuffs is cute


I personally think they are great


Yeah cute but do they want to be cute?


Cheese puffs, cocoa puffs, puff pastry.

Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up next!!


I know we have to do our own research on the new ICOs. What about recommended new ICOs or Top 3 recommended new ICO’s possibly on a weekly of monthly basis somewhere on the home page. Or any thoughts around this idea


Except for the above search bar comments, it works beautifully.


i would want to :slight_smile: think about the name “google” did people want a weird name that nobody understood?


It works great!! Love the panning…Maybe shorten the info per coin or have a link to another page for each coin… Also doing the less than the top 10 or 5 coins in Alphabetical would be a faster search or lookup…
Hahaha those lists at the bottom of coins crack me up…please tell those aren’t real…lol


They are very real.

Make dat money!


A way of creating a favorites list. Conversion calculator. Leave your holds highlighted Peter. That’ll end up being insider info and everyone else will wonder why they’re highlighted :joy:. Charting would be awesome in time. That’s all I can think of right now.


We can chart a little now… what more would you need?


It’s because every app they make will have something to do with food… yes it was designed that way so you can get your daily intake of crypto


It’s like you’re reading our notes…


Works and looks good to me… I’m using the Samsung galaxy s6 on the chrome browser… give me a bit after I get off work I’ll load from the Tab E


Lol I wa just scrolling down and said the names of your apps were weird and answered before I finished scrolling through everything else


Def need to grab coinpuff and other typo domain near matches and such since the average Joe will have difficulty demanding into they become a regular user of the site. IMO

“What was that site again? Cocopuff? Coinpuff? Meh I’ll just go to”

I know this is a stretch and a lot of labor, but ecosystem information like exchanges, wallets(!), private vs public, node count/server count, transaction throughput capacity, privacy features, etc would be nifty at a glance info, but that’s like ultimate lazy feature request.

Otherwise I’m liking it. Loads fast (please keep it like this!) And easy to read.


Oh can we get rank numbers on the mobile view? Since it’s not a compact list, it’s hard to find a coin that I’m looking for, for example ICX looking around rank 20ish and I’m trying to scroll to it quickly


And I do read your notes John what you think you guys do this for fun… lmao… all joking aside you guys are great I spent months trying to find current information on bitcoin and blockchain and I kept hitting like dead zones of crap that was years old until I accidentally stumbled upon you guys… when I started the crypto game I’ll admit I had a weak hand but being surrounded by a like-minded community having a place to go… to learn and have fun… that’s important to me so yeah I read your notes I watch your videos and I support you on patreon because as a programmer who dropped out of college and has done absolutely nothing to further his career in the technological world having a place to belong what means the world man and it’s giving me a fist of iron… you guys are doing great keep up the good work


@peter and i talk about this a lot… but, even the most “serious” of “work” can be made into a game.

and, in many ways, this keeps the “work” super-enjoyable and fun. we never want to take ourselves too seriously… and for that reason we’ve named a lot of these projects a bit tongue-in-cheek.

I mean… shoot… talking about eating coins for breakfast reminds me of my childhood of eating a bowl of fruit loops or cocoa puffs or count-fucking-chocula or lucky charms… and downing a ton of sugar-milk, essentially.

those were gooooooood times.

and so eating coins for breakfast is stupid. obviously. but, it’s about as serious as it gets too. and we want to walk that fine-line and enjoy ourselves while we’re doing it.

can we make financial investing entertaining and fun? why the hell not.


And that’s why I like you guys you don’t take yourself seriously and I really think a lot of people take themselves way too seriously… we’re all here just to have fun and if we make a little bit of money at the end of the day that’s great if not well we learn and we have fun doing it