Need Mobile 📱 Testers



I found some time at work this is the Samsung Galaxy e running Chrome everything looks good everything works fine so far


The decentralized tv news scroll gets wacky when it goes to a second line. The entire page drops then bounces back up when a new headline appears (reverting back to one line).
I think that headline scroll can be tighter. Let the news stories linger a bit longer as well.


Have different levels of food from fresh to half eaten to moldy, rotten with flies lol to represent new to bad coins…
Haha OMG idon’t know if you remember those games- I think they are still around, where you could have your own bakery or restaurant or bar and order items to cook lol…and if you didn’t do the order in an amount of time, your food would spoil lol

If you had something like that- some type of metric based food emoji that changed with the prices, that would be cool

Haha I think I wasted a lot of time on those games…can you tell?


:clap::clap::clap: Great job guys. Now all I need is the app short cut to put on my home page.


Hey… I waste a lot of time on random stuff too… who am I to judge?!? :stuck_out_tongue:


markets… is there a way to see which exchange(s) a particular coin is listed on?


I noticed today using my android that when vertical the search is not viable but when i turn my phone horizontal is there



Newly listed coins. How can I find out when and where as soon as a coin is listed?


I need this insider info lol


Also I have to tilt my phone to get the search icon


Hey guys, I am not sure if someone else already wrote about this, but on my phone the website only works if I tilt it. Otherwise I can’t look at any coins.
My phone is a honor 8 and I tried it with chrome and Firefox.
Actually it already has been working, but not anymore…
But when coinpuffs works, I really like it and think it is already better than coinmarketcap (I already deleted it from my bookmarks and replaced it with coinpuffs).


Good feedback. Going to work on this.


I noticed on my phone (Pixel XL 2 on Android 8.1.0; Chrome 63) the app disappeared when I viewed it in portrait view. If I used “Request Desktop Site” it worked as expected. Landscape also works there.

So I pulled it up on Chrome (v63) on desktop to check in responsive mode and you can see it breaks down right about at 454 px.

It seems to be a width issue. Adjusting the .container class merely a pixel makes the content show up. Turning off overflow-x: scroll on @media only screen and (max-width: 992px) #content #coins-table .row also fixes it.

The fix seems to be a media query maxing out at the bottom mobile size where overflow is off since the UI turns into cards and no longer a table.

Just a suggestion.