Need some Computer Tech Help/Advice for best desktop for Crypto Trading etc

I’ve always used Macs and have a Mac laptop that I’ve been using for all my buying of crypto, watching training videos etc.

I am planning to spend a lot more time learning (several hours a day) and committed to making crypto a larger part of my financial life. So I need the proper computer set up to make it a bit easier on my eyes and multi-tasking.

I bought an HP Pavillion all in one desktop, 27" touch screen. I can see four different screens now at once, which is awesome. BUT, I am now wondering about security and if this is the best machine/route to go.

So my question is: In order to see four screens at one time and have touch screen ability and really good security, do we have a tech person here that can point me in the right direction and either validate that I made the right purchase (it’s returnable) or suggest what I could do to get the proper setup.

My biggest concern is having something that I can use that is dedicated to crypto and easy for me to use to day to day, but highly secure as well. I just don’t know what all I need!

Thank you in advance, we have such awesome peeps in the pub and I am so glad I can come here for help!


I’m 100% mac guy. I have a macbook pro with three screens plus the laptop’s own screen. No touchscreen though.

As far as security, The weakest security point is between keyboard and chair. :slight_smile:

I’m far more confident in my mac’s security than in Windows because there’s far less stuff targeted at macs in general compared to Windows.

That said, Windows is pretty secure these days as long as you’re smart about what you’re doing (like not downloading and running random softwares or clicking the wrong things in emails). So, it’s not a “wrong choice” from technical security standpoint. Anti-virus programs are essentially worthless, though and most people think they’re security their Windows by installing such. If your concern is Windows itself, just be smart about it; treat it like a work machine and second guess any new software or URL you might click. After all, that’s what us Mac users have to do, too.


Thank you. I appreciate that input. I could go the Mac route, its just infinitely more money for the similar setup. I might need to ponder that a bit more, as exponentially the cost difference is a drop compared to the crypto that I am wanting protect and grow.


Ultimately, if you want to be like an extremist in security, you would have a dedicated device for doing nothing but crypto transactions/trades on. No research, no YouTube, Facebook, Email, nothing else. You would not associate any of your current logins on that device, like a Microsoft login or google. You would also never ever connect that device to an open wifi source like at Starbucks or McDonalds. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t even connect to your private home network with it. You’d have to have a cell phone to connect with which you would only turn on to connect to the internet with. To confirm your security, you could use ESET antivirus (local governments use this) and a spyware application such as SpyBot Search and Destroy (my personal favorite). Update the definitions each time online, scan after disconnecting and before shutting down. Not that I do any or all of this, maybe a friend of mines cousins sisters brother-in-law does…


I also use a mac and they are hands-down safer from most threats because hackers develop malicious code to have the largest impact (Windows).
There are some precautions to take with any OS. Never let anyone plug a device into your machine. Never plug in a used device into any USB port (drives, keyboards, printers, etc [look up rubber ducky]). Bookmark your sites and never follow any links from email or on any forum. Never open PDFs. Careful when you click on pop-ups or when you are surfing and they ask you to “run a file” to update Java or something similar.

Use a password keeper and use really tough passwords.

Use Authy for 2FA not texts to a cell phone.

Also, you can also use CRYPTONITE that is a Chome plugin that verifies Crypto websites. There is also EAL and MetaMask.

You can use a VPN to secure your traffic from sniffers (extreme, but cheap and nice to have). There are several out there. Never connect to a public hotspot without one.
For Viruses, I use Sophos which protects me from some of the malicious websites and viruses (I created some packages and tested it, and it works well). No virus scanner is 100% so watch what you open.

I can not recommend Windows, every Windows machine I work on has been infected with something. I would say get a MacBook Pro without the touch bar (unnecessary cost) Get yourself a USB-C to HDMI converter for the monitor. Make sure that you get a good USB C drive to back up your Mac with Time Machine. Also, get a hardware wallet if you don’t have one.

or… there is always Linux :slight_smile:


i’d start as small as possible… just the machine… and then work my way towards the monitors after you hit certain milestones / gains. rewarding yourself also makes you more cognizant of your performance and makes you hypercritical about re-investment decisions.

i can’t imagine you need all of those screens immediately, right?


Right. I don’t want several monitors. Ideally, the monitor that can be divided into four screens, or even just two would make things infinitely easier as I’m in this massive learning mode. My thought process is I can watch a video while at the same time see the task I am working on/learning about without pausing and going back and forth. But I don’t need a big fancy setup. I need simple. And secure :-). So I have the HP Pavillion 27" all in one that I just purchased (it is returnable…not married to this machine!). Being a Mac person, this was weird for me, but I have it. Reasonable machine to work on in your opinion? Price for me was fine for what it is. I passed on the $5000 Microsoft Surface and the $3000 iMac :slight_smile:


Thank you for your detailed input. I really appreciate it!


Thank you Glenn. This is outstanding advice over all.


but why do you need some an expensive mac? i’ve been writing software on an 11" macbook air for years… without a monitor!

i’m always amazed at what i can do with smaller and more simple tools…


Are you trying to day trade? If you just have screens plus your laptop monitor you should be good :slight_smile:


I don’t, which is why I passed on it. I just want to see more than one screen at a time as I am learning, so the 27" monitor that is dividable into four screens is like my classroom. I do everything right now on my Mac laptop and have for years. No complaints with that.


Just get one extra screen for now :slight_smile: I think you will be just fine. 2 screens plus your computer is a little much for someone that just wanted to look at stuff :slight_smile: You can only pay attention to so much at one time. But thats just IMO. If you need another monitor, then add later


Eventually, I think I will, yes. Right now, I am deep dive into learning. I am not nearly qualified to day trade, but I’ll start to practice on paper as I learn, not using real money until I feel more qualified. Right now as I am learning I keep moving between screens on my laptop, back and forth, back and forth. I want to look at a screen and see everything in front of me without the back and forth.


if you have a macbook, you can try using a TV. Getting a HDMI adapter and use your tv to start to see if that helps if you dont wanna go all out on a set up :slight_smile:

These connect to most Smart TVs and you can use it as an extra screen. Thats what I do sometiems :slight_smile:


Hey Siggy,
I was thinking about this further and had a thought. Have you researched a Chromebook? I am not familiar with them personally but all you really need for what you described is a secure OS and a browser. You can even use Google Docs for productivity.

You can probably get a lot of power for a lot cheaper. Has anyone done crypto exclusively on a Chromebook? Any thoughts?
The only concerns I would have would be: would the touchscreen monitor work.


I haven’t looked at that. I returned the computer that I bought, after hearing more about security and input here. I use Macs right now and it sounds like one of the more secure options other than Linux, which is totally out of my wheelhouse. So its me and my laptop, for the time being anyhow, because I don’t see any reason to splash out for the $3000-$5000 desktop.

I’ll look into the Chromebook though, it is worth checking out. Appreciate the suggestion.


I day trade off an Android and ph… was thinkn of getn another 4 Androids for penuts they all touch screen and seem to wrk fine for me…
I use my ph to do the trades n Android for charts


I wouldn’t consider that, just from a security standpoint. I don’t think that is safe.


you will be amazed at the difference in trading off a monitor to a laptop…you need to be looking left on charts for trend lines etc. this becomes abundently clearer on a 27" monitor. I use cheap mini pc to run several charts, but always trade using a crypto only laptop.thats about as cheap as it gets and works fine.the only downside is i can only see the level 2 orderbook on my laptop but as i only buy one thing at a time its doable. I actually think learning TA on a laptop is not a great idea, imho.


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