Need some insight regarding reeducation in the Information & Communication tech sector

Well getting older,(31 lol >< ) and my back and shoulder don’t support me continuing my career working as an industrial worker, and my doctor said I should prob start looking for something else to do, due moderate wear and tear in shoulder etc on MRI photos ><

God thing is that I probably meet the requirements for Paid re-education, so I’m not totally boned :stuck_out_tongue:

And Informasjon & communication Tech seems like an interesting path to take, but the question is what extra courses/skills should I focus on getting while I’m back to school?since I will have some spare time, due to not needing to take all class.

-I prob need to get up to date on networking again, what server software is the most commonly used now etc,Basically what should i catch up on?

  • What programs/software/skills other than that should I learn?

Been like 13-16ish years since my LAN days, and dismantle and re-mount computers and basically any electronic device I could get my hands on =) and be playing around on building and setting up a server with Linux etc .

So I think its safe to say im outdated on mostly everything ,=)

Thanks in advance, for any feedback

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You have been around since the pub opened its doors so you might already have a good understanding of blockchain technology but something I would recommend is the free Introduction to Digital Currencies MOOC . Course is at week 8 of 12 with registrations closing in 2 weeks. You can catch up if you don’t have too many other commitments. Next course starts in September.

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thanks for the info! =)

working 3 shift rotation atm so will prob need to wait until September =)

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I would register now, download all the free material (weeks 1 to 8), pick up weeks 9 to 12 in 3 or 4 weeks time and study at your leisure over the summer.


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