NEO/ICX/BTC Crypto Lottery Game?

I’ve been running a lotto game with NEO tokens with a small group of friends, was going to see if the pub was interested in something similar. we could use any token, but basically here is how it works:

-everyone sends 1 NEO coins to buy 1 virtual ticket (or we can use IXC or ETH, ro whatever)
-you can buy a max of 5 tickets (we dont need anyone going broke here)
-NEO coins are sent to wallet, so we can track who sent what and exactly how much
-you choose 6 numbers for your ticket(s)

The winner is chosen based on the state lottery numbers (we can pick any state, we used NY).

To win you need 4 of 6 numbers. if there are multiple winners the pot is split. if there are no winners the pot rolls to the next week.

Winner takes all, i get nothing, unless you choose to tip me for running it.

Let me know if there is any interest.


Interesting idea.

I don’t know US lotto systems, but given that only a handful of people would be playing, wouldnt the probability of someone getting 4 out of 6 numbers right be highlyyyyyyy unlikely (as in, nearly impossible)?


I would like to see this for sure - would literally be the best lotto game out there. No middlemen taking money out and instant payment of everything you’ve won.


Not sure if you’re aware, but a decentralized ETH lotto has already existed for awhile.


thanks dude



im not talking some big thing, im talking smale scale for pub members. maybe we get 5 people, 10, 50… something like that. we do it now with a group of 20 friends.


4 numbers out of 6 isnt tough, to win the actual lotto you need 6 of 6. depeding how many people we get you may not have a winner every week, but it rolls over

the other option, which ive done, is the numbers accumulate and its the first to 6 numbers. so if you got 3 number the first monday 1 number the second monday and 2 numbers the third monday that would complete your 6 numbers

need to see interest first. but its fun, something to do with crypto, low cost to enter, and maybe you wina few hundred bucks fo crypto and no one is sucking money out of it.


Agreed, but I was simply pointing out to 7up that such a thing already exists.

Also, getting 4 out of 6 numbers right is a probability of 1 in 1,033. Depending on the frequency, if only 5-20 people play, it could technically take years for someone to win.

PS. Not knocking your idea at all. I like it. I’m simply providing feedback.


thanks for the feedback, and with low numbers we definietly need tweaking. we may need to carry numbers over week to week if no one wins in a given week.



I think this is an awesome idea and would be great to stir up new interest in the pub community. I am in. :beers:


Sounds good… lets take a tally. confirm if you are in:


tell your friends :slight_smile:


La Loteria. Hope you’re ready for a bunch of Cubans to bust down your door!

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