NEO Mainet upgraded to 2.9.0!

NEO Mainet upgraded to 2.9.0!

Over the last week there have been two major changes to the NEO Mainnet that are extremely significant.

A new Consensus Nod e and update 2.9.0 . Here’s why these are important.

Update 2.9.0

Full details are available in links below but to sum up this update:

  • Faster block time
  • Larger blocks
  • Huge performance and stability boost
  • Faster GAS generation

Faster block time means faster gas generation. From the images below you can see block times averaging 23 seconds, now are hitting 15 on average. This is around 150% faster block average.

Date — 3/10/18

Today — 22/10/18

With this in mind the $GAS generation rate also increases from approximately 3% to 5% per Neo/year.

Consensus Node:

Consensus nodes are in short nodes that control the blockchain and verify the ledger. They verify the integrity and need to be voted in to ensure decentralization

KPN is the newest Consensus Node on the NEO Chain. Mutli-Billion dollar Telecom company from the Netherlands.

  • This is the first Enterprise level company to hold a NEO Consensus node, Previously all nodes were held by NEO foundation or City of Zion.
  • This is the first step to true decentralization of NEO

Happy nodes :slight_smile:

Sources: NEO Mainet upgraded to 2.9.0


The beauty of a burgeoning decentralized network.


WoW KPN that’s huge in Holland


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