$NEO = Stupid | $BNB = Scam | $QTUM = Garbage | Li Xiaolai Secretly Recorded


Here is a transcript of the recording.

  1. Laomao used to be a small-potato, it is me who helped him to be a big whale in the crypto field.

Laomao is the former COO of Yunbi and co-founder of INBlockchain

  1. Qtum issued by Patrick Dai is a Garbage coin, it was me who helped him to promote Qtum for 6 months. Because his scamming method is very simple — If he decided to develop DAPP first, I should have asked him to go out until you brought the finished product to me.

  1. The founder of any blockchain project should be least an influencer , fans-flow is the core competition, the rest of the factors are all bullshit. As long as they believed in you, there will be a common census and what you need to do is just continue cheating them.

  2. NEO is also a stupid project, worthless; if you were Wang Lijie (famous angel investor in China), you will have sold them at 1.5 RMB. but why its price went up so high, just because some big venture capital participated in it and hyped its price. Even Da Hongfei (CEO of Onchain Capital ) himself is holding very little NEO.

  1. Building Community and looking for hype point are the most important thing in doing a project.

  2. Shining achievement in the past is the only motive to encourage your hard-working after you already made financial freedom; for example, there is a scamming exchange called Binance and there is a scammer called Justin Sun (Founder of TRON ), you can’t be lagged behind them, so you have to work harder and faster.

9、 Changpeng “ CZ” Zhao (Founder of Binance) is not a good guy, he used to have conflict with Xu MingXing (founder of OKEX ). He knows very little about technical issues. Why Binance succeeded now, because all the crypto exchanges had to shut down during the September.4th for crypto ban policy in China, but he insisted on keeping Binance opening as usual for his Canadian nationality.


Very old and very worthless post. The only thing he got right is that Tron and Justin Sun are total bullshit.

QTUM I’m not sure about. His claims about NEO and Binance are beyond laughable.


It’s his opinion,so take it with a grain of salt.