Neon wallet issue, looks simple but help a noob


Hi all,
Need help, please! Will keep this brief.
I’ve got a neon + Nano s wallet. Neon version 0.0.7
Have not opened it for months.
I open it now, zero balance.
I Notice that wallet is not syncing with neo blockchain (block = 0)
Going to Neotracker shows my coins are still in wallet.
Have not touched/tweaked either the wallet or the Nano s for now, to be cautious.
What is safest thing to do? Very concerned that If I use the ledger on latest wallet, it would generate a fresh address…and that I do not need?
Help would be very appreciated, please, thank you


Do you have your recovery seed? You should.

Have you updated the firmware recently? Try updating to the latest firmware.

Update to the latest version of whatever neo wallet you’re using.

If the wallet still isnt syncing consider restoring your ledger nano s to your recovery seed that you wrote down when you set it up


Update that version of Neon first. I’ve updated Neon a few times over the past few months and used the same Ledger Nano S without having to do a recovery from the seed words.


Thank you everyone! I came across a private key recovery tool posted by a dude named coranus on the neo reddit page and I saved that as a last ditch plan.
I ended up not needing it, when I updated to the latest wallet my ledger did not use another address…it opened same wallet, so I saw my coins just sitting pretty!
Bit if a relief, as I’d read many long stories on a neon+ledger glitch that happened a few months back…so I was trying to be real careful.
Thank you kindly, everyone!


Hope you have your recovery seed written down somewhere!!!