New ASIC Mining Rigs Destroy GPU rigs?



Looks like the GPU mining community just had “shots fired” across the bow. New ASIC/FPGA mining rigs can execute previously “resistant” algorithms like Monero’s CryptoNight and others far better than GPUs: Owner Asks the Community to Change Bitcoin’s Central PoW Algorithm

Ya more monero mining!


Baikal has always made FPGA’s like this. The new one is far less useful than their previous models as this only works on CryptoNight.

I honestly see more coins going to algo’s like Raven’s x16r which switch between multiple algos. The head guy for XMR already stated he would fork XMR if ASIC’s could ever mine it. So if that happens I do not see these ASIC’s being worth much.


Yeah my Ryzen workers have been making MUCH less over the past 2 weeks or so (not just because of down market). I had a feeling someone had launched an ASIC on Cryptonight. I am making about 1/3 the amount I was a few weeks ago.


Ouch! That really sucks.


Yep I feel for all the guys who dropped a boat load to get a bunch of Vega’s. They are not making NEARLY what they were a few months ago. I use X1700’s in my farm and get around 500 h/s so every 2 rigs was like adding a Vega to the mix for free. They went from making around $1.75/ day to around $0.50/day.

I really hope they fork XMR to get rid of the Asics.


This is awesome. I hope ASIC miners will catch up with everything mined by a GPU.

Or that all these shitcoins will die. The faster the better.


So you’re a fan of centralization? That is basically what Asic’s do…


No, it’s basically not what ASIC’s do. It’s basically what Bitmain is doing with their centralized power over the ASIC mining market.

But I guess that is what you meant…

GPU mining is ruining a whole industry, an industry that is exploding at the moment, and is projected to be so dominant that I really fear for how this will affect crypto.

Gaming is projected to overtake football in the future, and I guess we all want mass adoption right?

I guess that all gamers hating crypto is a bad idea.


The gaming community will eventually come around to crypto. Crypto and gaming fit much better together than people think. GPU mining isn’t ruining the gaming industry either. The real problem that will need to be addressed is decentralization of chip manufacturing be it GPUs or ASICs or even CPUs. We need more players in this game because it is very centralized at the moment.


I disagree that it is ruining the industry. Manufacturers just need to adapt. Machine AI is heading to this route rather quickly. RAM prices are playing a major role here also with phones using the same memory as the GPU’s. ASIC’s will not solve this issue and just lead to more large players like Bitmain.

If you want decentralization then you should be fighting for GPU mining as it allows for a much larger dispersion of miners.


I don’t see how increased sales of your product is ruining your market. I don’t believe manufacturers of skate bearings got upset at the sudden craze for fidget spinners.

A new frontier has opened up for these GPU manufactures and lets not limit it there. RAM manufacturers, CPU manufacturers, and even hard drive manufacturers all have a new market to explore. Not to mention there is opportunity for new initiative technology in the world of crypto mining. ASIC was the first in this new tech. It won’t be the last.


Trust me, the gaming industry is nowhere close to coming around. I’m a huge fan of blockchain and decentralization. Should be obvious for anyone inhere. But even with that huge bias, I still hate GPU mining so much.

So you’re saying that GPU mining isn’t ruining the gaming industry, but… Point proven.

Do you have any idea how crazy hard it is to manufacture a GPU? Even the world’s best CPU manufacturer, Intel, failed miserably several times, and has now surrendered completely and is working with AMD now.

What would work, is more manufacturers, you’re right there. But why GPU’s? Why not ASIC’s? It’s a million times easier to produce ASIC’s. Make a HUGE demand for ASIC manufacturers, and watch how 100’s of manufacturers would pop up.

An ASIC is so easy to build that I bet we could make one here on the Pub.

It simply is. You can’t disagree with a fact. Small and large businesses making a living off of selling computers are struggling atm. Nvidia and AMD obviously don’t give a flying fuck, but they are only a very small part of the entire gaming industry.

This is affecting the industry SO MUCH that people are talking about even the gaming developers are being pushed into lowering graphics, making soon-to-be released games less demanding.

You’re contradicting yourself when you say ASIC’s = centralized, and then say that more ASIC’s will lead to “more large players”. Which is decentralizing. Having 10 large ASIC manufacturers is MUCH more decentralized than having 2.

What I see with the current GPU mining, is a lot of miners pumping the living shit out of crappy useless coins, only for them to profit from the cards they fear won’t return their investment. You’re creating demand that is not real. This bubble will pop soon. And after that, hopefully the real useful projects will flourish. Oddly enough some of those are already or will be PoS or something like it.


I can and do disagree with you. Those businesses that are struggling need to adapt to the new market just like Nvidia and AMD need to adapt to the new market.

Most competitive games can be played at legit competitive speeds on last years cards. You do not need the newest card to run a 1080p monitor in a competitive format.

With regards to ASICs i did not contradict myself. Maybe didn’t explain myself correctly. ASIC’s do add to the centralization as they are not as readily available to the hobbyist miner and use power typically not available to residential zones. This means the hashing power will consolidate to these larger players and thus increasing the centralization.

This is false with regards to the profit and completely your opinion on pumping useless crappy coins. So treat it as your opinion and not like it is fact or you are just as bad as the ones you state are pumping the living shit out of useless coins.


What if I can’t sell a gaming PC to my customers, and what I do for a living is selling custom gaming PC’s? How is that not ruining my industry? Can I expect all my customers to buy shitty 1050’s?

What you should understand here, is that GPU mining is insanely ineffective. We are wasting resources, like, I can’t even describe in English… And I’m not talking electricity, which is obviously also being wasted like crazy with GPU’s, but as I’ve explained a few other times inhere, that is easily solved with using only green energy for your mining rigs.

A new frontier has not opened up here, the GPU market was not going down. The PC sales is going up like crazy, has been for many many years. The amount of gamers is exploding, it’s literally going to take over the world. This generation is the first real generation of gamers. Children of gamers.

And trust me when I say this, you’re (the mining industry) alienating them, literally making you hate them. I spend a lot of time on gaming forums, Twitch, talking with people in the industry (ppl in hardware shops, ppl working for distributors), and I will let you know when I find someone who’s a fan of crypto. Mention Bitcoin and they almost go into a frenzy, complaining about GPU prices.


Obviously you do not understand the resources wasted with running in a DC for a financial industry. GPU mining is extremely effecient when compared to the current system in place.

I am a gamer and was a competitive gamer for a while. These are kids that we are talking about so it is on us to educate them about business and life. You do not always get what you want and everything isn’t fair. You do the best you can with what you got. A 1050ti is perfectly fine for the vast majority of gaming at 1080p. If you are going to spend 700 on a 2k or 4k “Gaming monitor” then you have the extra cash to for over for a GPU that can push them. Or you stick with 1080p.

These gamer that go into a frenzy over bitcoin and crypto mining are snow flakes that have parents that need to do their job and introduce them to the real world.


Okay, so you agree with me? I say the Gaming PC market is ruined, you first say no, now you say yes, but they just need to adapt.

Thank you.

And what you just said there, confirm everything I’ve also just said.

You are alienating gamers. And you have no interest in changing. That was my point, and I see this as a very big problem when it comes to mass adoption.

There’s like 100 million people playing League of Legends. That number right there… ONE fucking game. I haven’t played it myself, but it’s insanely popular especially among kids.

Imagine that number in 5-10 years, and remember that every single one of them hate you and what you do.

Just let that sink in please.


Personally I have never seen the appeal of gaming, seems such a lot of time wasted doing ‘nowt’.
Allocate the GPU’s to the good of blockchain :slight_smile:


I don’t think anyone here is arguing if playing video games or not is fun, or a waste of time.

This argument is about the projected impact mining can have on the future of crypto prices, and time to reach mass adoption.


You’re wasting a lot of hardware, compared to ASIC. An ASIC miner is produced of hardware that is not scarce like ie. GDDR5 memory? And ASIC’s can benefit the entire network much more, per $ spent on hardware? I am not sure I understand what you mean.

I am simply telling you how I see the changes happening. Do with it what you want. I interact with these people daily. And yet again, you propose a solution that is much harder than doing pure ASIC mining, or even PoS. Why pick the hardest solution, just because it benefits you personally? That’s kinda selfish :wink:

And regarding 4K, most people think of 4K as being DOA. Some believe it died because 1440p is fine for 27", some believe it died because of 1080Ti availability.

Call them what you want, it doesn’t change anything. Whether or not I agree with you on them being snowflakes doesn’t change anything either. Them being part of mass adoption is what matters. They are the future market “we” need.