New ASIC Mining Rigs Destroy GPU rigs?



It seems that you guys have gone off on a tangent and become argumentative…

Let’s get real here - the problem with the GPU availability is NOT miners - it’s the suppliers. The supply of a product is not in the hands of the miners, just the demand.

KFC ran out of chicken recently and people were calling the police to say “something has to be done” - people get crazy when they can’t get what they want.

Let’s get real.

You don’t have a pick a side. I’m a miner and a gamer. If I wanted to get a gaming PC tomorrow - I could easily buy one, they’re everywhere. And there are a lot of GPUs - the main issue is the suppliers are screwing EVERYONE on the prices. They are all about making money and won’t cannabalise their sales just because it would be nice for us.


I agree Lenny.

Pre-built systems are still selling GPU’s at retail price from places like Dell, Ibuypower, Cyberpower and the likes.

So I am not worried a single bit about the childish gamers crying.


dear gamers, your life will stop being miserable once you stop playing games and spend that time reading/learning, you might even find out you are enslaved by a fractional reserve banking system and international money printing/treasury bond buying scheme! Then you would understand why all the GPU’s are sold out!!


ah don’t hate the gamers, feel sorry for them and educate them.


How has a new frontier not been opened? GPU manufacturers have a whole new market of people. That’s a new frontier to them. To bring this back around to the topic title, ASIC miners is that next frontier for these GPU manufacturers. They could easily enter that new market by creating a sort of GPU ASIC hybrid :thinking:


After the conference call I just got off of with HP and Nvidia that is not the route they are choosing hehe. Its all about the Deep Machine Learning and AI. They do not care about gamers or miners when they are getting nearly 3 times the price of a Titan V for a single V100, and they do not have to provide any cooling for it as that is on the server manufacturer. The V100 is the size of a 3x5 index card with more compute power than the Titan V.

A single V100 ($8900) sale is nearly 10 top of the line gamer/miner cards. We are putting 120 of these in a single rack. Thats just to put things in perspective with where Nvidia stands. Someone would have to buy 1200 x 1080ti to equate to one of our AI rack sales with Nvidia.


Supply and demand go hand in hand. Both are to blame.

Don’t compare something as complex as this with chicken. My argument is still: ASIC’s, GPU’s or PoS. Out of those three, what is the least effective? I can’t see how GPU is not the least effective of those three.

And why settle with the least effective, which accidentally happens to also make millions of people hate you? It just doesn’t make any sense. Personally I don’t care if GPU’s got a bit more expensive.

This is not about picking sides. This is just about rational thinking. How can we make this as good as possible. I don’t think it is as good as it could be at the moment. I think it’s hurting all of crypto.

And please, stop the lies, you can’t just buy any GPU you want, right now. There’s 2-4 weeks expected delivery on pretty much everything. Go look up what’s actually in stock.


You’re talking about maybe 200 million people who think you and your fantasy money should burn in hell.

Do you know what those 200 million people could do to the BTC price if they all loved crypto instead of hated it?


Ahh bullshit. Nothing but pure bullshit.

The majority of GPU miners are a bunch of hypocrites that care only about profits. The miners inhere are without doubt saints that have only the best intentions, I obviously mean “the others”.


Just looked up my local Microcenter. What GPU do you want? There are at least 10 1070’s, 10 1070ti’s, 10 1080’s and 10 1080ti’s currently in stock. Not available for online purchase, BTW :slight_smile:


Now you’re talking. This is exactly what I am saying.

GPU mining in it’s current form is ineffective. What we need is 10 or even 100 new companies creating (ASIC) miners. Effective miners, produced from the most available components, for the sole purpose of completing transactions.


I said childish gamers. That is a specific group with in that 200 million you just mentioned. Very few gamers are actually crying because they realize that they do not need a 1060 6gb to run their games. They barely can justify a need for a 1050 2gb.

I did some research on the top competitive games which are the ones that would worry about FPS and might actually have a need for the higher end cards. The highest one of the top 10 required a GTX730 most had a requirement of no more than 512mb on the video card.


How many % over MSRP? :wink:

I had an order of one of those for like half that price.

One of the biggest hardware sellers in scandinavia have pretty much everything sold out. 1070 and above.


Still well over MSRP, ranging from $150 - $300 over MSRP.

However, that wasn’t the intent of the search. The intent was to see if they had some in stock and show that there wasn’t a 2-4 week delivery in my area. Can’t speak to other parts of the world but in my neck of the woods, WE GOT GPUS!


I’d love to see CS:GO run at constant 300FPS with a GTX730.

You don’t need all of those 200 million complaining about cryptos for it to be a problem. You just need people with millions of fans (and they all have high end systems) to complain.

It’s very common to see top YouTubers complain about mining. Their viewers don’t look into stuff, they just hear “Bitcoin = expensive GPU’s, therefor Bitcoin is bad”.


Obviously we all have to factor in EU vs US availability. All of my above statements about availability is from a EU perspective :wink:


First you need to educate yourself on Hardware. If your monitor is only 60hz then you will only get to see 60FPS as that is all the monitor can display. If you get a 120hz monitor then you can utilize and see 120FPS. Going beyond what your monitor is capable of showing doesn’t provide any benefit. There are diminishing returns past 120 along with a smaller and smaller percentage of people that can even notice a difference.

Anyhow I am done with this topic. TL:DR you are championing a bunch of cry babies that do not deserve what they have and I don’t give a shit because they are a bunch of cry babies that do not understand how the real world works.


I think you need to take a chill pill. Saying i’m lying about there being GPUs available is just idiotic. Obviously there ARE GPUs available in my experience or I would not have said it. So I think you need to get your head out of yourself.

I literally just bought a bunch in person and then someone asked me where they could get some in our area and I was able to point them to over 100 GPUs of various types that were in stock and ready to ship.

You seem to have got up on some sort of high horse and think you know everything and assuming others are just saying things from no experience so i’m not gonna justify comments to you any further.


I just love the fact that you do whatever you can to turn the attention back to GPU’s being in stock or not, and not even mentioning the main argument here: That GPU mining is ineffective compared to ASIC’s or POS. That it’s a waste of resources.


Dude… Don’t even get me started. Monitor Hz does not equal FPS.

We could discuss 300 FPS on 144 Hz monitors, but this is not the right topic for it.

TL;DR 300 FPS = lower input lag, and that is essential to professional gaming. That is why every single pro gamer will never accept anything lower than 144Hz, 300 FPS. It’s kind of complicated so I forgive you for not knowing about it.