New ASIC Mining Rigs Destroy GPU rigs?



You seem to keep ignoring the fact that you keep calling people liars and when they show that you’re wrong you change the subject back to something to argue about again.

You’re either trolling or just want to argue because you can’t help yourself.

Obviously hardware designed specifically for a task (ASIC/FPGA) will do more than a general purposed device designed for graphics - I doubt anyone is arguing about that.

GPU mining is still profitable so that’s one reason people like it. GPU mining is flexible and let’s you support various coins/tokens for projects that you like and it also means that you get new crypto every day no matter what’s going on with the prices.

I’ve used ASICs but I don’t like them because they’re not flexible and they’re always being redesigned and newer ones come out sometimes faster than you can make your money back. Once new ASICs overtake your current one it’s just a paper weight.

So there are many reasons why people still like GPU mining.

PoW is still a solid security mechanism for blockchains and the fact the Bitcoin hasn’t moved away from it is a good indication that it is still useful.


Do yourself a favor, and read the thread. You look like you haven’t.


thanks for your wise words (not) - So you just proved you’re trolling so I’m not wasting any more time trying to have a sane conversation with you.


Dude all you’ve been doing is trolling. Hating on gamers, just because.

Don’t let the door hit your ignorant ass on the way out.


My problem with ASIC is like @Lennytrader stated they are currently only good for one algorithm. Then when the next one comes out, the older version becomes a paper weight very quickly. There are also algorithms that ASIC hasn’t been able to crack yet, such as equihash.

Raven is another crypto that is working to prevent ASIC miners. You may ask why and that would be because of the centralization of ASIC producing companies.

Maybe this topic has become a comparison of which is better. I believe they both have their place in the crypto world. ASIC is the start to expanding the crypto mining world but I don’t believe it is the end. I also don’t believe PoS is the solution (That’s another topic).

Also, lets keep this civil guys. I’ve allowed the name calling, FUD, FOMO or whatever else you want to call it go on probably too long already. The pub is where people should be coming to learn and educate themselves with real facts and real data from people who have real experience. I know for a fact the Nekko has that experience. So where he is coming from is from a place of experience. This is not reddit.


Yes - ASICs took over from GPUs in 2011 - that’s why I got out of mining BTC back then. But here we are back with GPU mining being prevalent again and this time the cryptos are themselves taking action to become ASIC resistant so bailing on GPUs doesn’t really make sense this time and playing catchup with ASICs will become very costly now that they’re coming back in full force.


Grow up man.

He was actually sticking to the topic and debating the ASIC vs GPU.

So yes in your words.


“Ahh bullshit. Nothing but pure bullshit.” …wtf??? Gamers are definitely unaware, i’m sorry you can’t build pc’s for n00bs right now, but to say “pure bullshit” when you know damn well you are enslaved, seriously how are you helping gamers? i wish for a more informed world, where you wouldn’t have n00bs to build computers for, if you wish for a world where i can’t be my own bank!!! KYS.


I Guess Bitmain has not enough destroyed the GPU mining Community, they just came out with there new marktet destroyer 220k/hs cryptonight , for a real „cheap“ price of only 12000$!!! . We will probably see the 3rd and 4th batch for 900$ like the A3 , after the difficulty has sky rocketed.


Does anyone own an Antminer here? If so, is it worth it?


I don’t have one , and I will never buy one from bitmain, but about you question , batch one is the most profitable, and you will make your ROI pretty fast .



I have a D3 that I purchased from a fellow pub member at a great price and still regret the purchase lol.

I shouldn’t in reality as it pushed me to purchase litecoin. I bought the whole amount of litecoin upfront. Meaning I sent half and then when I got it up and running set the other half. Between those two periods LTC doubled almost tripled so in hind site the D3 was basically free because I would not have otherwise put money into LTC at that moment


Nice! A serendipitous purchase! It was meant to be :slight_smile:


Yes it was but it has shown me for the hobbyist mining in a spare bedroom these are not the way to go. At least not for my goals.


My Baikal X10 changed the game for me and allowed me to expand to a warehouse space (electricity included in rent). Really has been the star of my show and allowed me to use the GPU rigs to mine smaller coins for stacking.

That being said now I am ‘chasing the dragon’ and with diminishing returns am looking for a powerful fix, like the B29. ASIC mining requires chasing the latest greatest, getting in on the pre order in the next monster. At $10.5k for the next level it is for sure getting me into the gambling I am less comfortable with. But with diminishing returns and no affordable gpu’s I am not sure what to do.

Also on Halong’s site if you pay with BTC the rate they offer you in $300 less that market, to account for volatility, and to be fair, the market has been volatile.

But the extra $500 it adds up to per machine makes me sore in my feels, if you know what I mean :wink:

This has actually been eating at me lately, as I am going to have to make a move quick and am torn.

EDIT: Only regret with the Baikal is that I did not order 7 of them :wink:


It is so good when I find people who say it like it is!! Excellent way to explain how things have been ever since banks were around…
This is also THE reason I’m doing this for, reason why I don’t cry on the floor when coins value go down…Of course I want to make money, as free from the banking system as possible (because at some extent we do have to convert it to Fiat…for now) , but what I care for the most is the contribution (little as it is) I am making to the crypto currency world…a world created with one main premise in mind: Our well deserved freedom.

Hey…I say all these and I’m a gamer too…it happens that I don’t watch contaminating TV I also read and don’t let anything or anyone think for myself…


Do business premises owners really do that in the bockchain era :slight_smile:


That is what I am getting for now :slight_smile: Some of the tenants weld and run other heavy equipment, I am sure they use more than I am. But I am waiting for the day they come knocking about it.


Its probably going to come down to these Asic machines in the future. Best to just invest while you can, before it gets too expensive to get in.