New Bitcoin Kickflip Samurai!



Our artist Devin Schoeffler is back on the scene with some beautiful new Bitcoin artwork! Going along the lines of our Bitcoin Kickflip Astronaut, we are excited to introduce to you all the Bitcoin Kickflip Samurai!

Limited to 10 of each available medium (Print, Metal Panel, and High-Gloss Panel)

Link here for purchase:

BTC can be paid directly through the site, too. And if you’d like to give the Lightning Network a go, at checkout, choose “Globee” as the payment option and, on the next page, Lightning!

Happy weekend to you all!

side note to mods: not sure if I should be posting here or bazaar. apologies if I’m in the wrong area; thought it fit here since it’s Bitcoin-related, but if it needs to go to bazaar in the future, will do :slight_smile:


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