NEW Bitcoin Metal Wallets, Limited to 100!


We are pleased to introduce our first-ever Bitcoin Metal Wallet! This wallet is unloaded; no keys are generated. For the utmost privacy, users may generate their own keys and affix them with the two provided holograms.

I was inspired to make these based on the originally-released metal wallets that came out before the Cas coins.

The metal’s artwork is laser-engraved and each individual piece is numbered; limited to a total production of 100. Includes two holograms, one reading “Public Key” and one reading “Private Key.” These measure the same size as a standard credit card.

Variations: Yes, we may do a .1 and a .5 BTC wallet (copper and silver) if there is further interest.

Pricing: .01 BTC ($39)

Customer Limit: Max limit of x5 per customer for the first week of the item offering.

Available here:


50% of them have now been SOLD! Don’t miss it!!


Completely sold out in just 27 hours.

Thank you everyone who grabbed one :slight_smile:

Coming up will be the .1 BTC (in copper) and .5 BTC (in silver), however they won’t release for at least another month. Silver will be first, followed by copper.


When you doing one for ICX?


Soon, friend. Soon! We are releasing the .5 and .1 btc’s, and then we’ll get into some of the alts along with LTC and ETH.


As my ICX plates yet?


x22 of the chrome silver wallet variant remaining!

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So we print out the private and public key and tape it to the back and cover it with the sticker? That doesn’t seem to be secure.

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