New Bitcoin Pricing Model - Bitcoin Z-Signal


Wen -0.3 please :heart_eyes:.

In all seriousness: Excellent work @Hansthered, truly. Brilliant and extremely clever. Keep it up!


You may get your wish sooner than expected! Check out today’s chart.


There was a slight bounce in the Z-score since yesterday. Interesting that the price seemed to creep back up a bit too.


Z-scores are creeping back up again as network activity dips. We are still below zero.


We’re back down below -0.14. I’m ready for the next dip. Bring it on!


The Z-Signal is inching down again. We are now at the second lowest score of the year.


If the price were drop to $1200 tomorrow, with all else being the same, what would the z-score be? I have gone total bear.


A price of $1,200 today would give us a hypothetical Z-Score of -0.37027. But, tomorrow that number would be different because the network activity changes each day.

Hope this helps. Also, I hope you’re a short term bear :bear:


I read your “When to buy Bitcoin” article. It was great that you broke it down using 3 different systems. You are a wealth of knowledge.

Short term bear, LONG TERM BULL!!!


The Bitcoin Z-Signal is hanging out around the same levels as yesterday. We’re below the Zero line, and have been since last month. But, we will probably go lower before we’re out of the woods.


The Z-Signal looks tasty at the second lowest level this year. But, it could still go lower.


Just started a Twitter account to follow the Peter, you, Charlie Lee, and a few others. Is there any one you recommend to follow?


CZ is a good follow mate


Willy woo, Nic Carter, Andreas, check out my follow list too. Cheers!


The price rally from the last couple days pushed the Z-Signal up a tick, but we’re still firmly in negative territory.


Is this a Bitcoin rally, bull trap, or otherwise?


Hi mayte this is great, this is something i was looking forward to. Would it be possible for you to make a tutorial video explaining what a zscore is and how to read it. It dont have to be a detailed video. Just a 5 to 7 minute video with basics can help out a lot of people. I am sorry, I am a slow learner and generally just slow who always miss the bus :slight_smile: If you can do that, that would be a huge help


You see that price line and the predicted line? The Z-score is just how far apart the two lines are. I would make a video but I’m not set up for that.


It doesn’t hurt to follow Nouriel Roubini as well, just to see what he has to say … :joy:


Looking forward to the next Z-score