NEW - Bitcoin Satoshi Whitepaper, 10-year anniversary set of 2, Limited to 5


This is a pre-order; this item will begin shipping on October 31st, 2018.

This set of 2 features not only the entire Bitcoin whitepaper, but also the entire set of technical details, redrawn, recreated, and reimagined as if the whitepaper were originally handwritten.

This is a special release for October 31st to commemorate the release of the whitepaper 10 years ago.

This set of 2 is limited to a production of only 5, with only two mediums to ever be made available - print and metal panel. Each metal panel measures 20"x30" inches, while each print measures 24"x36" inches. Metal panels include 1/2" wood spacers affixed to the back to allow them to sit away from the wall. They are highly reflective! Prints are printed onto a 10 point, matte cardstock with a vivid and sharp appearance.

Grab yours here:


omg. these are so amazing. i want one so badly… the price though…!


But the quality, content & medium is impressive! :cowboy_hat_face: Waiting to hang this one for the YouTube Studio Setup Soon! :+1:


Nice! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Glad you are enjoying it


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I know. I’ve asked. Nothing is free!


uhmm I do not get the vintage appeal when BTC is or should be the future of money, storage, transactions, etc



I was envisioning Satoshi having written it out on vintage paper prior to typing it up on his computer; as if he had made physical notes. That’s where I was going when I made the art.