NEW Bitcoin Timed Release product - available for six hours only!


This item is a Timed Release item! - 6 HOUR AVAILABILITY.

What is a Timed Release item?

Timed Releases are products that we have availability only for a specified period of time rather than a specified quantity. Once the Time Release has expired, the amount sold will be listed. The product is never offered again and is available for its specified time ONLY. For Example, if only 2 panels sell during the specified availability period, the panel is thus limited to 2.

This item is available for six hours only, beginning at 12 Noon Eastern Standard Time and expiring at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Offered on metal, measuring 20"x30" and weighing in at 4 lbs. Our metal panels have a sharp and vivid reflection. They include 1/2" wood spacers mounted to the back to allow it to sit away from the wall.

Free shipping included for both domestic and international orders!

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This sale has now expired. Total quantity sold, which now determines its limit, is 3.