New Crypto LIVE Stream Making Bull Run of News Reporting 2019


Digit-All Crypto & Bitcoin informational channel launches latest grass root stage community driven Live Streaming Channel specializing in today’s developments of Blockchain in Fintech, Cryptocurrency Markets, YT collaborations and amateur level on-boarding to this newly emerging financial tech.

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Bitcoins’ Epoch Rise

The epic rise of Bitcoin hype in late November 2017 drew millions of newcomers into the Cryptocurrency sphere with hopes of making it big.

The market was soon met by exponential resistance at 20K and began a bearish reversal that has yet to recover 14 months later.

New Kids on the Crypto Block Goes LIVE

In response to this latest market slump, Jr. System Administrator of IT and Founder of Digital-All Crypto news, Jimmy Peralta had this to say,

"Manipulation of markets caused the astronomical increase in the price of Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

We are still in the infancy of this revolutionary technology.

We need to focus more on the adoption of crypto than the price of BTC."

During the same time Cryptocurrencies were at their peak of interest in 2017, small crypto related YouTube channels started popping up everywhere.

That trend has since pivoted and those numbers are beginning to dwindle leaving crypto die- hard posers kicking rocks and searching for news-worthy topics that aren’t just focused on leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Junior panelist Robert Scully, also know as Grumpy Cat had this to say,Grumpy%20Agent%20Skull

“The best way to defend against fear is information. It is also the best way to protect yourself from the hype.”

While content creators are falling off the map, Digit All Crypto news is doubling down and building out it s reach to the Bitcoin community and aiming to team up with other cutting edge YouTube influencers in the space.

Famous%20Amous Their most recent collaboration with Famous Amous at Chill Zone International was a huge hit with the Digit All community featuring an in-depth review on the Elastos (ELA) Token and the relevance digital rights will play in blockchains future technology.

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Digit All s unique panel of personalities delivers thought provoking conversations, authentic brutal honesty and a blend of light-hearted humor.

Enthusiasts and subscribers are encouraged to engage with the lively panel of friends on all of their live streams.

“We don t know everything, but we do learn from each other, so join us as we learn and grow!” says Jimmy.

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Organization: Digit-All Crypto, LLC
Address: PO Box 1015, North Baldwin, NJ 11510, United States
Phone: +1-631-530-4894

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