New Discord Server



Wait, what?!

Yes, we’re doing another experiment and launching a Discord Server for The Pub!

You can read more info here:

We believe this will create even more value for our community and especially the folks who have continued to support the ongoing build of our collective spaceship to the moon!

Let’s do this!

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One of the Less Obvious Values of Becoming a Patron... :thinking:

Crushing it! Our experiment with our first townhall helped us understand a real usecase for this. I know that y’all have been asking for a while. Here. We. Go. :rocket::rocket::rocket:


Sup Doge Bros! You guys are brothers right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve tried a couple of times now to get this working using the following link but no go.

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the Roles aren’t set up properly or in the right order. The following link explains it if you haven’t already seen it. I’m in no rush or anything, just wanted to offer my help.


An update… via images…





It’s alive! I’ts alive! To the moon!


Just to expensive for me…sorry guys


@alexhendrickson Here you go.


Yo! @peter @john

Just a quick suggestion for the Pub’s Discord server.

An automated YouTube video alert channel for BiteSizeBitcoin and DecentralizedTV.
Named something like: youtube-alerts or video-alerts.
Can disable normal chat in said channel and just have the bot post when you upload new videos or go live.

A few ways I know of to automate it are:

I have some experience with setting up (not making) Discord bot’s and Discord Webhooks if you want a helping hand.


i just built it myself. took me… 13 minutes. Created a webhook.

{ "username":"Yooootuuuuubeeez", "avatar_url":"", "content":"** {{AuthorName}}** uploaded ** {{Title}}** at {{CreatedAt}} : {{Url}}" }

those :spider_web: :arrow_right_hook:'s though…


Anything worth doing more than once is worth automating. Real talk


Hah! Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Just needs a cute avatar now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have an existing discord account and when I try to connect my cryptopirate patreon account to it, I get a blank screen and the pub never shows up. It’s asking for the join invite, I have a feeling this might finally get it to work. Suggestions?


Maybe this is helpful :slight_smile:


Man. Thanks for dropping the link! You super helpful around these parts! Keep it up!


Turns out I had to go to my Patreon settings then disconnect and reconnect discord. Working now!


at last joined teh discord :facepunch:


finally i figured it out and got on the Discord :man_scientist:


i cant wait for that darn 888 patron position… should i just hop on xD


I had it on discord, now I don’t. went through the steps, checked Patreon. Still $15 (now$20) member, still taking money outta my bank account. NO DISCORD. QM meeting was said to have access to fellow team members, just sign into discord… um… ok


i see the patron status here.08%20PM