New exchanges that should be listed on THE PUB


we should definitely get Nova exchange on here.very good exchange that got restarted recently with new management and mannnnnny doge coin pairs(plus many others im assuming they will list)
They opened only yesterday or day b4 i believe.
sorry i have trouble navigating to find subcatagories =//


we should probably take a moment to review all of them…


I think we shouldn’t hurry with Nova exchange as it was just recently re-opened. Although I don’t have experience with it, the reviews about it are controversial, and many of them are complaints about failing withdrawal procedures. Apart from it, the previous version of the exchange didn’t accept traditional payment options (bank transfer, credit card, fiat), and was poorly adapted for use. If all these issues are fixed, we can consider this question. You must be sure that exchange is secured in order to list it.