New (ish!) channel dedicated to quality trading strategies

Hi everyone,

I’ve been away from this forum for some time… but now I’m back! For some time I’ve only had one video on my channel (it was an attempt at animation explaining what Bitcoin is, if you want to see it!)

I’ve only recently had the time to finally edit the second video which is my detailed guide on how to use Trailing Stops on Bitmex… I actually made it end of last year during the height of the crash but have only finally got round to putting it up.

Bitmex Trailing Stops and how I use them to exploit pump and dumps

Bitmex trailing stops strategy article on medium

Bitmex trailing stops strategy on my (still not quite fully fleshed out!) website

Channel link is here.


So on future videos, I’ll be going through some of the indicators I’ve used, tested and tweaked… see below for a link to my Profile on Trading View, where I have a small number of very useful public free scripts including the Schaff Trend Cycle, and Supertrend ATR… a few more will be added over time!

If you don’t have a Trading View account you can sign up free here :wink:

I’ll probably do some shamelessly dramatic over the top videos with ludicrous titles like “How I turned 0.01 btc into 0.5 btc” as well, since there seem to be a lot of people out there who talk a lot of waffle, and have no substance… I’m going to be the other way round!


This is the latest video,

My full system for trading using ADX and DI- casetudy with BTCUSD on the daily and hourly chart plus special RSI and Accumulation indicator both scripts are free open source published on my profile on trading view!

ADX and Di advanced script on trading view