New Landing Page


Would love your thoughts!

We’re constantly iterating and trying to make things better.


bring the dark mode to everything after the landing page and i’d be a happy camper :wink:


Really good this John :+1:t3:


Sweet!!! It’s time to take over the world…


Always iterating… bottom right hand corner of the website are our other older versions. We love building!


Start with your WHY. Say why you exist first, then how you do it, then the product is the finale. As Simon Sinek says…people don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it. If you start with your product, meh. If people believe what you believe, you can sell them anything and they will buy it, which is a good idea for a one stop shop.


btw…have you guys looked at the Holacracy model? Seems like you have a lot of that gong on with yen maybe…


Indeed…I always say, A project is never finished, at some point, you just stop it…:slight_smile:


simon was talking about team dynamics and organizational effectiveness… not marketing websites.

holacracy is shit.


So are you guys going to keep the original Yen logo?
People have dirty mind will see it differently, hehe!


No, not the Simon I heard. He was talking about MARKETING. Go back and read the (other) book. The difference between Apple and Dell is that one has a good WHY, the other promotes a product. If you want to push a widget, good luck with that. I know that’s not what you are doing, but your website makes it look that way.

As for Holacracy, maybe it is shit, but by definition, it’s a “method of decentralized management and organizational governance.” The traditional structures just seems a little inconsistent with the idea of blockchain. Preaching one thing, doing another. And that will surely make people question the why.


If I may give a little more feedback (it’s what you want, right?), “one stop shop” is about a cliche as one can possibly get. Why, exactly…should I become a true believer in Yen? Because you are a one stop shop? Really? Because of some “MEX” acronym BS and other techno talk most of your audience could care less about? You can do better.

If you want to be a social media outlet…consider with the big guy is doing. FB says “Connect with friends and the world around you…” That’s about as simple as it gets, but very effective. But Yen has an opportunity to do it better. FB focuses on information, Yen adds value. Real, actual, value. Capitalizing on information…Sell that guys…

Instead of saying “Follow friends, influencers, and projects you believe in…” like you do now, say “Create value through the friends, influencers, and projects you believe in.” That’s your why right there. Lead with that.


Here’s what it boils down to…Word of mouth was the original social media platform. What Yen is doing is bringing word of mouth to a new level. Not just a way to talk about it like on FB, but a way to act on it immediately. That’s very powerful, but I would never know that from your home page.

Edit: Maybe throw in some one liners, like “community-powered crypto” or “social satoshis”…all kinds of stuff like that.