New Miner by Japan's GMO


So I know we have a lot of miners in the Pub. I wish I was on that level, maybe one day.

Anyway I was on twitter the other day and I found something interesting. Japan’s GMO internet company has announced specs for its new 7nm mining rigs.

Their B2 will be equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The mining capacity is 24 TH/s and the price of the machines will be adjusted monthly according to demand. Using GMO’s mining rigs, the power consumption can be reduced up to 20% and the cost of network equipment can be reduced to 1/55, as reported by local media in contact with the company. The adjustable price will be $1,999 for June.

I couldn’t find the same article that I originally article that I found, but when reading whomever was the spokesperson for the company was saying their initial mission for the internet was something like eliminating the barriers to access of information. With the launch of the miner it was something like eliminating the barriers to access to currency.

This new mission statement of sorts and production of the miner is coming on the tailwinds of the worry that mining is being to centralized in China.

Just thought this was an interesting development in the mining space that more and more competition for the production of the miners is coming.


More vendors is always good. It means more competition. I have a feeling Bitmain is already on this and just waiting for the right metrics to come about in order to release theirs. The GMO is more than double the cost for only a 70% increase in hash power. It is a bit more effecient in power per Th.

Bitmain has steadily been lowering the price of the S9i and is down to I think $900 including power supply. I might be a bit off there but it is close to that. So I think they are just trying to sell their current stock for as much as possible by steadily lowering the price. Once this stock is depleted or near depleted is when I think they will announce their 7nm chip miners. This is just what I would do.


The ultimate arms race. Id hate to be buying that last batch of ASICS prior to the new ones.