New Nvidia cards


Preparing for a card review / comparison video i got the following cards today.

I plan to see if one hashes better than another, what memory type each has (samsung/micron/etc.), which one just feels cheap, decibel noise levels of each, and in honor of the doge lord i will sniff each one to see which one has the most appealing aroma :smiley:

i’ll likely get some 2080ti’s and 2070’s as well but this is all I could justify spending today.

I’ll keep you posted for the unboxing and reviews!


Merry Christmas! Be sure to post info on their cooling as well.


yeah cooling will be a point i cover

and also actual power draw

hopefully it will help someone make a more informed decision


i’ll build a new PC with two of the 2070’s in SLI( if they allow for it ) and watercool them . not for profit, just for fun. will let it mine monero while im not using it for normal activities.


wooh! Its that time again! I love when new GPU hardware comes out!


They use NVLink but in general you do not want to do this for gaming as it will hurt your performance unless the game is specifically designed to use it. SLI and CrossFire have never really taken off. If you plan to mine on this gaming machine then I would definitely not SLI or NVLink your cards this way one can stay constantly mining while the other is used for gaming. This is how all 4 of my gaming rigs are set up.

@GrillingWithGuns - Looking forward to your analysis. I will not be purchasing one for a few months. Need to get through the wedding, honeymoon, Christmas, V-day, and her Birthday. While maintaining my DCA. I am probably looking at Feb or March before I can buy any. Still waiting on my Z9mini to arrive.


definitely interested on your thoughts.

basically, i don’t PC game, i use my PC for work only so super light loads. if i ever game is causal on an Xbox, but… i like building hard tube water cooled PC’s. its just a hobby. my current PC is massively overpowered for its actual work load ( but looks great )

ive only mucked around with mining monero but not properly. with that in mind, i can easily run two GPUs and 2 of the 4 CPU cores ( 7700K ) on monero and also do work. would you just run the two GPU’s non SLI in this case?

frankly i was only going to SLI for the fun of the build…


You might be able to run them in SLI and mine I have only seen people stating not to SLI them or in this case use NVLink.


It would definitely be interesting to see what the availability of these cards will be when they are released and whether there will be a price premium.

I assume these cards will not be able to compete with Z9 Minis for their price point, based on the 1080Ti having a hashrate of ~750 sol/s, if the new cards are 2 times as powerful as the last generation we’re looking at 1500 sol/s for $899 card versus the Z9 mini at $850 pumping out 17000 sol/s.

If they are available on release I will be buying one for my VR rig and retiring my old 1080Ti to my mining rig.


Unless the mining profitability goes way up, I don’t see miners buying them up.


i don’t either, but there’s only one way to find out!