New York Post says BTC to be worthless. Buy signal?


These are the kind of articles I want to see from the MSM. Calling bitcoin dead is a buy signal, IMO, but we may have to see more outlets join the choir in the near future.


Probably one of the most uninformed articles about Bitcoin I’ve read in a long while.


Wow that’s a high powered technically minded journo who wrote that shit NOT, how can you make such a statement without one shred of technical evidence.

I’m surprised I didn’t see him saying he thinks the moon is made of cheese… which Im sure we will all find its not when we finally get there.


Read this yesterday and wouldn’t even consider it an article. Read like an angry rant…


Are we supposed to still believe Newspaper predictions?

cc: 2016 presidential election predictions


That’s probably the worst article about btc I have seen.


Lmfao u guys thinking journos need facts to print stuff


Immutability and censorship resistance will always carry some type of value, especially in today’s political environment, globally.


Doing the opposite to what news companies say is one of the most profitable ways to trade crypto imo :slight_smile:


“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”
Warren Buffett


Bottoms not in yet, it can go way lower. Question isn’t if btc goes to 0 because that seems unlikely, question is if people will be too scared to buy the bottom


I was thinking the same! Most his articles are about 3 paragraphs if you look through. Maybe he’s angry because he bought at the ATH! :thinking::joy:


Fake news. Bitcoin is like Trump. It can’t be conned, stumped, and nothing sticks to it. :trump: :rocket:


Junk news. The New York Post called digital currencies brand new back in December. They are just trying to steer up the hornet’s nest.


btc will always be worth something. ill always hold mine lol!!!