NEWLY LAUNCHED: Biggest crypto exchange comparison site in the world


Hi there!

We are a new site (launched in April) where you can easily compare different cryptocurrency services (exchanges, wallets and more). Today, we have the biggest selection of cryptocurrency exchanges compared in the world (350+), with individual reviews on each and every one.

Also, we have developed a revolutionary tool that we call the Exchange Finder, where you can answer 6 different questions and then be matched with the exchanges that corresponds to your answers. The crypto community so far has absolutely loved the Exchange Finder and we are extremely happy about that.

We would very much appreciate if you could visit the site, have a look at the information presented, and tell us what you think? What can we do better?

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

All the best,


Well this is interesting. Tell us why you built this?


so many affiliate links… all over the place… it’s an affiliate link farm!


Thanks! john is right that there are a lot of affiliate links, that is the only way we make money. We also clarify this in our FAQ.

We want the cryptocurrency market to be available on equal terms to everyone. The obstacles of choosing the right exchange, the right wallet, or to navigate among the thousands of coins etc., might seem insurmountable to most new investors, but is difficult also for experienced investors. We want to help both new and experienced cryptoinvestors with overcoming such obstacles. That is why we created Cryptowisser.

Happy to receive more feedback!