NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



This one is made by the City of Zion and backed by NEO council :slight_smile: .

"Neon Meta Exchange (NEX), is a decentralized exchange project, founded by four CoZ Council members, namely Canesin (Founder of CoZ), Ethan (Neon wallet creator), Luciano (NeoScan creator) and Fabian (fabwa).

“NEX platform is built on a completely new protocol developed within the NEO ecosytem, utilising the best features NEO platform has to offer. NEX will consist of a reference exchange application, which will make it easy for developers building exchanges and payment services, to integrate with the NEX protocol. This project will possess a high level of innovation, building upon research done by Erik, on superconductive exchange technology.”

NEO Council will be investing in the token sale of the NEX utility token that will occur at the end of this year, or at the beginning of 2018. In order to execute this token sale, we will be developing a brand new token sale system, that will be open-sourced with a MIT license, and donated to CoZ. This token sale system will include frontend, backend, and smart contract implementations.

Furthermore, the NEX project will be the first project to utilise the token sale legal framework, developed by the NEO Council. As seen above, the NEX decentralized exchange project will fulfil two major milestones listed on the NEO roadmap.

At the moment, we are still evaluating designs for the project’s visual identity. Our landing page is scheduled to go live alongside the NeoScan update, which occurs in one week. Stay tuned for more information on the NEX project."


Pretty exciting stuff. They’re also integrating Loopring in this exchange.

Nex neo token april ICO
NEX Neo's Decentralised exchange

Ah very nice. Interesting read!


stumbled upon this while doing some research for NEO in general here in the pub…

reading their whitepaper for a while now and trying understand all of their ambitions…as i’m fairly new to crypto in general i’m probably missing lots of knowledge to evaluate this project completely in a proper way…

sounds very exciting to me from what i understand… going a step further…going from currency on a decentralized structure but on a centralized exchange at the same time to a full decentralized system with even decentralized banking in the long run…

this could be a huge step in the right direction…also as part of everything around NEO …a visionary and very good way imo…going to continue my research on this one and hopefully understand more and more about this…although my english isn’t good enough sadly (which you probably can see in this text and i apologize for by the way :wink: ) to understand the whitepaper with all it’s terminology etc in the first run…takes some time for me…

maybe you or somebody else here in the pub has some news or more kind of basic informations…i would appreciate very much because this project seems really promising to me until now and i’d like to hear others opinions on this one

thanks in advance and thanks for sharing your post even though it was already in november '17…wondering why nobody else stumbled upon this yet or is interested to share some thoughts… :thinking:


I would love to break down the whitepaper for you guys and give my opinion why I feel it’s an amazing platform. Maybe something I will add on my list of things to do.


Are they having an ICO or is this another one I have missed out on gutted I missed ICX?


They’re having an ICO but they have yet to announce the date. It’s supposed to be in Q1 of this year so March at the latest.


Thanks for sharing. Definitely excited for this one!! It’s a part of the NEO grand plan… Follow the yellow(NEO) brick road!


sounds nice… would be nice to hear your perspective and maybe it’s a bit easier to understand it as a whole if you break it down (atleast for me and at this point) and add some of your thoughts… i’m going to continue my research and get together some of my thoughts for you guys…


One worth getting into do you think? :thinking:


imo it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on it…sounds very promising…i like their ambitions


time to give this one some love again…

just watched neo devcoin via livestream from boxmining/michael

sadly the stream ended ended right when fabio from nex entered the stage and began his presentation… did someone of you see it maybe and can hook us up with some info? maybe someone of you has seen more than me, maybe from another stream or got some more news from neo devcon regarding nex… would be appreciated very much…

but regarding the development of the neo environment in general there should be no doubt that this is going to be huge if things work out like they are planning… some next level vision from the grandmaster right in the beginning…so i think nex should be doing very well since it’s a major part of neo and it’s vision…

for anyone interested in the ico… no officially set date yet…they’re trying to make it happen in Q1/2018 according to their tweet from 12. an '18, also no whitelist ye (if there is any)…

read rumours there might be no whitelist… e.g. icodrops says “no whitelist” and token sale starting at 25. march '18 RUMOURS but that’s just one of several different informations there are…let’s wait for some more official statements…can’t wait

also shoutout to @cryptowine since he’s attending neo devcon and bringing us some juicy news and nex back in my mind with his posts… maybe he’s got some more nex news for the cryptonation which he can share right here


There will be no whitelist, and they’re trying to operate the sale so that “everyone has a fair chance to participate”. KYC will be performed before token distribution, so there will be limits to who can participate.


thanks for the heads-up…wasn’t quite sure if it’s true whith “no whitelist”…but yeah, so it seems like they are going this way…maybe there will be some more news coming while devcon’s going or shortly after…


I expect the launch to happen at DevCon, but only the team could really know. I really like the fact that no one is leaking info.


launch should be pretty soon, yep… can’t wait until this is running…and when everything’s set they are going to run their ico on it! but pretty smart move keep everything as close in the team as possible when they haven’t sorted out everything completely, especially for the ico… i read they are checking everything atleast twice regarding legal aspects, regulations in different countries for investors and public…just so they don’t give out “some informations” and they might have to put it in reverse… but let’s see…i’m pretty excited…this is going to be a huge step


There wasn’t much detail provided regarding token sale. Fábio did mention that March 1 will be an important date for release (nothing specific on what’s supposed to be released). I’ll surely be keeping my eyes on March 1!


I´m interested in this project. Anybody looking to invest in the ICO?


Absolutely. I’ve got notifications on from Twitter so I don’t miss any of their announcements.


more info coming soon…let’s wait and see…but i’m pretty excited


Realistically how do people think this is going to pan out? Neo trading pairs? Do people really want to give up their valuable Gas producing Neo for other tokens?