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WOW! This has just gone up in my list of exciting projects in this space.

I will be buying on listing day too now!


Token sale still hasn’t started right?


I don’t see a sign of it. NEX suite says there is nothing to do now.


I think the first round will be very simple as everyone has the $1k allocation. You’ll probably get two days to do it then they’ll work out how many tokens are left then do second round lottery for the remaining tokens. That’s where i’m stuck:

  • Will they pick X number of winners and split the total remaining tokens with each winner? That means there could be left over tokens if someone doesn’t buy the whole allocate amount. There is not a round 3.
  • They pick the winners and do a first come first serve? This doesn’t make much sense as you can participate by having your NEO/Gas tokens just sitting there in your NEX wallet - no need to send. So, there is no first come first serve.

I think the left over tokens from round 1 will be very small and they will pick a very small number of winners and ask them to have $9k worth of tokens in their NEX wallet ready for collection at a particular date/time.



I saw a lot of crying around that they were excluded from the token sale because of failed KYC. We will see how much of us left. Btw I think there will be an action button (eg. CONTRIBUTE) in suite to send the NEO/GAS in the ICO from the NEX wallet. I would wonder if it would be only a check if the money is there.


Yeah it’s really puzzling how they are going to figure this one out!

I am praying I get chosen for the second round - I think this will be much bigger than Bezant in the short term!


From reddit:

I was not aware of this lottery do I need to do anything ?

This is not a new lottery! This is the required extended KYC for over $1,000.00 investments. The timeline is (read: !):

  • First lottery draw (25,000 winners);
  • One week to fill simplified KYC for winners of first draw;
  • Second lottery draw (about 6,000 winners) filling spots left by winners of first draw;
  • One week to fill simplified KYC for winners of second draw;
  • Winners of first and second draws when doing the simplified KYC were asked if they wanted to participate only in round 1 and on both rounds 1 and 2. There was a warning stating that an extended KYC would be needed with additional documentation, this is the current state, whoever selected both rounds is invited to do the process - this is required if you want to participate in round 2;
  • ICO round 1;
  • Draw of participants in round 2 from the pool of people approved in the extended KYC, number of people selected = (25M - amount sold in round 1) / 9000;
  • ICO round 2.


Draw 1 > KYC draw 1 > Draw 2 > KYC draw 2 > extended KYC > ICO round 1 > Draw round 2 > ICO round 2.


Yes, you had to send your passport in with two separate selfies of yourself. I guess you didn’t check the suite as that period is now over?

This is the part I don’t get!


It shows that the period is over April 30. UTC (I guess it is 12:00 AM UTC).

For example $23m sold in first round that means that
$25m - 23m = $2m
$2.000.000 / 9000 = 222 people will be selected from the participants who are eligible for round 2.

Yes. It is a question if the people selected for the second round doesn’t fill up the “pot” (and I get it that it was your main question :slight_smile: )


@Duttydirtz Here is the answer (from reddit thread):

[–]GulliverBG 1 point 7 days ago
People from the ICO round 2 (9k sale) nominated during “Draw round 2” will not be able to buy 100% of the remaining tokens from ICO round 1 because not everyone will go for the maximum of 9k, there will be people buying within the range of 1k to 9k. Therefore would be tokes left after ICO round 2.

Question to NEX team please: How will be distributed the unsold tokens reaming after ICO round 2 (because of not all participants from “Draw round 2” buying the maximum of 9k but only portion of them)?

[–]fabwa 1 point 7 days ago
It will go to the company fund for operations

The answer was given by this guy:


Thanks for looking into this mate. I can’t see many tokens being left over and whatever number is left divided by 9000 will surely equal a super low number of super lucky winners?

Man, I hope one of us win that spot and they better max out the $9k!!! They’ll be a Whale of NEX (kind of)

Are you looking to buy on listing day? I am after finding out more about their staking incentives. I can see the price action going crazy though as a lot of people missed out on this.


Any news on when first round token sale is … still nothing on neon exchange website.


So-called April TBA… yeah right…

All these teams aspiring to be a billion dollar company but can’t even put their shit together!


Anyone here looking to sell their tokens? I’ll buy it off you straight away. No need to wait for exchange listing.


I am lucky in these days so I think I will get into the second round. ,)


People, anyone got an idea, or a website where I can follow the timeline of when this ico will take place?

It feels like the info is all over the place. Their medium post shows the old dates, and Ico drops states May, reddit is not official and telegram, where they at?

Lets hope we all get 9k worth of NEX and lets help each other out fellow bitcoin-pubers.



They spoke in the EU Parliament about blockchain with Da Hong Fei:


Hi, Know what you mean, information is hard to find the only place I follow is the official website on Google Chrome neon exchange… there are lots of scamming websites so be very careful as the coins and on sale yet…


follow their twitter page or go to city of zion discord


Seriously. Anyone looking to sell their tokens before listing? I’ll buy.

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