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Its not to late, you can still buy it as soon as it hits the exchanges. Most people don´t know about it yet, so still time to make those gains.

I for one plan to buy more as soon as it hits the exchanges. And in the future, it the token works as intended and NEX becomes a popular exchange, I will go in 100% with everything I got. That way it will work as a crypto index for me, which is what I´m looking for anyway.


What you people thinking about staking your coins, are you going to steak straight from the off, or wait for the exchange to go live as we are not make any dividends until it goes live that’s my understanding?


Good question. I don´t know. I like the project a lot, but I´m going to see what happens. Not unlikely that I sell and take some profits, invest the money in other projects, and then buy back big time later when the exchange goes alive. Depends on the rest of the market and if any other good investment opportunities come my way along the way. I will keep an open mind and try to adapt.


I have two lottery spots so I’ll have tokens but I want MORE!

This is definitely one of the best staking coins I have ever seen. I’ll be buying on listing day hopefully not too expensive. I think it will hit 10usd minimum first day but will go much higher.


On the right hand side is your returns for staking your 1000 NEX if the NEX volume matches the Exchanges on the left side.

Of course at first the volume will be much lower but we know the NEO community is large so I don’t think it will take too long to get to a decent daily volume. Nex will start with the NEP5 tokens as well as NEX, Neo and GAS. Soon they will add ALL ERC20 tokens, then bitcoin and others.

This project has huge potential and the returns could be amazing. If we ever reach okex volume we would be earning some major passive income and I’m sure the NEX tokens will be worth big bucks by then.


i managed to get in the first round of the lottery and am really looking forward to seeing how this one does, plan on staking for 6 months maybe more and see how it goes then make a decision afterwards


It’s all about short term returns versus long term potential I think. Do you need that 1k usd? If it 10x will you need that 10k? May be better spent on another ico or good up and coming coin?

But them passive income is what we all need especially from a small investment like 1k.



Two lottery spots! Wow! Did you get in on the second round for $9k on the tickets? I like the commitment!


Only 1 got the second kyc approved for some reason my mum didn’t get selected! Praying I get the second lottery


@Duttydirtz, I also only have 1 second KYC approved. Does this mean I can participate in round 2 only? I’ve read through the Nex website but it’s not entirely clear to me if I’m in on Round 1, Round 1 & 2 or only Round 2. Also, do you have any idea when NEX will be letting people know if they are in or not? I’ve left a bunch of Neo and Gas on their NEX wallet just in case it happens.


For round 2 you had to send a copy of your passport. If you don’t know whether you’re in, it means you’re not, as you’ll clearly know.

I think it’ll be mega lucky to get the second round lottery anyway mate so I don’t think you’ll be missing much.

No news yet, I’m expecting an announcement very soon.


Thanks for the reply, I sent a copy of my passport as requested and I have an Approved status showing on the website, so is the ICO over and I didn’t get in based on this below?


Oh OK I didn’t understand your question. No not started yet



Anyone get for either round, opt for 9K, and is willing to offer some contribution space to a fellow pubber?


Haha ill pay 2x for that space. I got round 2 kyc but to get selected round 2 lottery will be extremely lucky… I’d be surprised if we will know someone that’ll get it.

If one of us does they’ll have the option to purchase the whole 9k so if I did I wouldn’t be able to find space for someone else. Sorry mate.

But if you do, forget what I said and give me the space. 2x of course


Yea, i don’t know what i was thinking not setting up lottery entries for everyone I know. :rofl:


Just happens so often in crypto, although I registered 5 people, I wish I did my extended family too. Nex will be huge.


As far as i know if your kyc approved even if you invest 1000 in first round you can buy up to 9k in second round so you should ok to invest 9k when second round start. Because for 1000 usd investment KYC is not required. You process KYC for apply to 10k round.
So can you give me 1000 usd spot for this information please :pray: