NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



If one gets the second round lottery you will be allocated 9k, just like we are allocated 1k! If there’s tokens left after that, it’ll go to the projects treasury.

NEX is the most exciting ico I’ve got on since icx. Not selling a token for a long long time. Will be buying hard on listing day…


when is listing day?


1st round sale hasn’t even happened yet. I’d imagine end of q2 will be listing


I’m interested in this project, it slipped off of my radar and now I can’t even find anywhere on their website where to submit my KYC :joy:


Catch it early on listing day. I’ll be there ready to gobble up the few that will go on sale


Yeah I misread thinking we were still in April not May so was FOMOing hard for the April 8th lottery (I thought it was tomorrow :joy:)

Oh well at least I have a NEX wallet now. I’ll have to hopefully catch it early when it’s released on Binance


Either binance or if it launches its Neon Exchange first.

But yeah I think Binance has a thing for Neo projects so likely to be there first


I know but everyone picked in first round and summit documents for KYC also eligible for 10k round if they want that’s what i know and i think it’s correct. Second round is for make it available for more people instead of closing it all with only one lottery.


I am hoping catching on exchange but so much people waiting for exchange i hope some people will flip the coins on exchange directly.


Patrons - I’ve made a thread for another NEO project that looks VERY strong. The team consists of a lot of people from NEX and City of Zion.

It’s my favorite upcoming. Check it out.


How do I activate the Patreon part of the pub?
I’m a Patreon (received confirmation mail of John), but I can’t see anything special on the pub itself


Message John mate I think he will need to approve you in the pub


same email in patreon needs to be used in pub.


Well, looks like Balina didn’t get into NEX either. Fudding to the God of cheap bags. I guess he didn’t read the whitepaper, if this was actually news to him…

“Sorry more clarification on why I think this will decrease potential for ROI. Most exchanges don’t list security tokens due to regulations from the SEC and other organizations. Unless I’m mistaken or missing something, liquidity will be an issue with security tokens due to the lack of security token exchanges.”

NEX won’t be listed on exchanges, apart from the smaller decentralized ones once it’s distributed. Does he know that NEX is an exchange token?


Is it definite that nex won’t be listed on major exchanges like Binance?

I don’t care much anyway as this is a long hodl and because its a major part of the Neo ecosystem we know this will be huge! Them staking incentives will be very nice!


Little reminder of the potential


Awesome …FOMO …didn’t get selected in lottery :frowning:


Binance gives zero Fs what anyone else thinks they should do, but look at the history of exchange tokens. How many are exchanged outside of their native platform?


Several pub members got in, some several times over, so expect this kind of FOMO inducing content for the foreseeable future.


i love this thing, denied cuz murican

its going to moon hard AF