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Sorry, the ico guru himself has black balled NEX. It’s not going anywhere!


Probably this is a good time to buy GAS/NEO for the NEX ICO.


This could be a game changer people as anyone from the 125000 people could have a chance in the second round!!!


Nice share. That’s crazy man not sure how I feel about it. On one hand it’s good to give others the opportunity to get some NEX.

On the other hand that whole second round kyc shit was pure waste of time and I don’t feel that lucky anymore either


That was a fake medium account. The authentic account is

and the one referenced by you is @granicvacli5521
Beware of scammers bro… the link referenced in the medium list was also blocked by the Neon extension


Why do people do this … sorry people :rage::hugs:


Why that was a good scam! So many comments underneath the article about how this is great news.

You know so many will fall for this shit. After the first round they will post another article giving their scam address to tokens too.

Sad times


lol…guru? or paid shiller ?


Is anyone else having trouble claiming gas on there Neo in the NEX Wallet. It’s been like it for a week now, I’m not getting any gas😦


Yes, mine is the same was able to claim when first used the wallet but for the past couple of weeks it’s not been working. emailed them and one of their operators is working on it

Took a long time to get a reply but when they did we had a flowing dialogue for a day trying to get it sorted but to no avail. they have their developers looking at it at the moment

They acknowledge there’s an issue with a few accounts and are trying to fix it


Use Neon or Morpheus wallet with the same NEX account to claim your gas. The NEX extension is buggy, but your gas is still accumulating as normal.


To be clear, the NEX token sale still hasn’t started!


Any price predictions for NEX as soon as it hits the exchanges? I’ve heard anything from 3x to 5x to 10x. What are your opinions on this?


Minimum 10x on listing day. I’ll be trying to buy some as low as possible but won’t sell any of my ico ones


I can see a lot of people dumping it on listing day if that 10x happens.


I wouldn’t blame them but I certainly won’t. Have you seen the potential returns from their staking?


Will they not have trouble getting listed on those exchanges now that they are registered as a security? I recall reading that somewhere.


Do you have any info about this project?


UP! :fearful::scream::cold_sweat::sob:


Small news crumbs:

Q: Does this change anything for @neonexchange, still needs to be a security in Europe and world? $BTC $ETH $DIG $NEX

Ethan Fast: NEX is a dividend paying token that gives its owners a share of the success of our exchange. This is very different from ETH or BTC. A registered security is 100% necessary, and both benefits users and reduces regulatory risk

Q: Ethan, I haven’t been able to get an answer. Will NEX be able to trade securities as opposed to being a security i.e. will us citizens be able to trade securities on NEX?

Ethan Fast: Yes, NEX will allow trading of securities once we have acquired the necessary broker licenses. Additional licenses are required for the US (in progress)