NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



5th of June:
Q: @unignorant ethan , approaximately how much work has been done in age of designing platform.
Ethan Fast: Not going to give a number, but quite a lot. We have many exciting things to share after we get regulatory approval.

This one will be a unique DEX. I’m starting to accumulate NEO&GAS for it.


i need to acquire significantly more NEO now the price has plummeted for this!


Bro. This makes me think icon will be a security as they’ll be paying a reward from the fees they get from their DEX! Thoughts?


I don’t think this is the case. NEX was created with the intent of being a security. ICX is a utility token which means that it’s used to transact, similar to ETH. For example, NEO pays GAS, but it’s not a dividend. GAS is a crypto you already own that’s slowly released over time per Da Hongfei.


Yeah I did think that but wasn’t sure as icon will also be paying a reward though not necessarily classed as a dividend. Also I believe NEX will actually reward to you in USD rather than more NEX but need clarification


I think the best way to view NEX is to say that it’s a decentralized version of Coinbase :slight_smile: . I think their will be multiple options in terms of how to get paid, but I assume there will be many fiat gateways overtime.


Love that point of view! Neo has a huge following plus consistent number of good ico’s on the platform should mean NEX will be one of the bigger DEXs around.

I have a feeling we might have to wait a few months more for the ico. I’ll wait. Then stake my 2k tokens forever and ever!


I hope for 20k. But yeah…it will be 2k possibly.


Did you get 2 lottery spots as well? I think 90% will go first round then second round will go to a super duper lucky person that’ll be guaranteed another 9k!

No idea why anyone would buy less than their max 1k coins but I guess some might not plus some will likely miss out on buying at all due to whatever reason


I think lot of people will loose access to their nex wallet (no backup and os reinstall, bad hw, lost pw etc…). As the time pass…there is more chance for us.


I lost access to mine just before the lottery result. Over it now


Have you ppl seen the post from Fabio is it real?


This ICO will worth the money and the waiting. My only problem is that if they do it in July and the alt season doesn’t begin then I have to use fiat to participate. I won’t sell anything at these price levels.



8 days ago
Hi Fabio. Will there be a guaranteed cap for ico participants picked for round 2 of the lottery or will it be a first come first serve?

8 days ago
Both rounds are guaranteed cap.


Imagine being one of the very very few selected for round 2!!!


Anyone planning to get in on the nOS ICO also? I think GAS will be needed for that. Im sure the plan is Q3


If it happens, there will be a really strong competitor for NEX. I hope NEX will be really unique and will have some advantage over others.


NEX has to be built into the NEO ecosystem like Icon’s DEX. There will be a time when outside “exchanges” wont be needed for transactions within ecosystems, and later, between ecosystems. The volume will be huge, as long as the ecosystems have functioning economies.

Exchanges like Binance, DEX-based or centralized, will remain as a platform to speculate on security tokens, utility tokens (platform ecosystem dapp tokens), and crypto currencies.


If you won ticket(s) on the lottery for this ICO:



is that the same NEX Peter’s video is about? doesn’t seem to marry up with the website