NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



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lol, can imagine it’s easy with the amount of articles you go through!!


Hi Peter I know you are a pro at crypto, can you help me understand how I buy my NEX tokens pls, I won the lottery and my KYC is approved, hold NEO and Gas in my NEX wallet on google chrome. But I have never taken part in an ICO before sorry if I sound stupid… but will the NEX team just transfer my NEO/gas to NEX on the 3rd. Ps love the YouTube videos.


The NEX team will do tutorials (text and video I think) for the process. Be patient and follow their progress on Medium and Twitter.


Bro when do you think they’ll release instructional details of how to participate in the ICO? I haven’t used the NEON Wallet other than storing NEO and claiming Gas.


After today ends, they’ll have the 10 day moving avg calculated so im guessing when they announce that, they’ll post the instructional video too. It has to be before Monday anyway.


Makes sense. Cheers Marc!


FYI: I used this wallet for the transactions:


Got myself 17 allocations for this badboy.
Many allocations are already going for 2.5x ICO price already, and people are selling allocations for 2-3 eth a piece.

If this goes anywhere under 2x i’m going to be massively disappointed.


Can we use GAS to buy into NEX??


17 lottery ticket? You will be a whale here :slight_smile: cool


Yes. You can use GAS & NEO.


Really? Thought I was lucky with 2…

17 huh… Ok




So it sucks now.
at this rate $1000
168 GAS (current price: $1200)
54 NEO (current price: $1091)


A lot of people cry because of the GAS/NEO price. I think there will be 2nd round too.


Here is the tutorial:


Great time to buy NEO or GAS with fiat, but sucks if you bought those a few months back specifically to pay for this ICO when prices were significantly higher.


Login into, on mine it doesn’t show a count down time, but still states the " The second round KYC has now ended. No action is required until the first round of the Neon Exchange ICO takes place."

What is it saying for you my peeps?


I think the token sale opens on Monday.