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NEX tokens are showing in my NEOSCAN wallet


weird, did it work out?

I haven’t done mine yet, need to buy some gas.


No man I’m pissed off! Always something goes wrong when I do ICOs.


Did you try with mobile phone network (4G)? You passed the KYC so there must be some tech issue.


U got a couple of days, get in contact with the team.


how much gas you guys used? any need for gas war?


Normal gas of 0.0001 GAS
No gas wars.


Has it worked for you yet mate? I just completed the process with zero issues. My NEX is on my Nano S. Hope it gets resolved for you soon


One of my logins work when I tether my mobile phones 4g through my PC but the other login says the same thing. Might have to recover my account on a different computer and see what happens. I’ll have at least 1000 NEX but be nice to get 2000.

Good for you Marc, NEX is a good long hodl



Ok, I’ve fixed it now!

Thank fuck!

When Moon?


Got my 1000 NEX, using GAS and NEO. Pretty gutting seeing the value on the wallet show $1400 USD and when it transfers over to the ICO it’s only $1000 due to the locked in price of $18 NEO and $5 GAS. :frowning: Looks like the nice little NEO/GAS pump was too late.


Nice one :grin: Really looking forward to using the exchange. The City of Zion created the Neon Wallet & its so user friendly. Im expecting something similar with NEX.


When NEO moons again, we’ll all be calculating just how much we sacrificed for the ICO. CoZ will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Well it’s only easier when compared to the old NEO wallet. That was a nightmare! Seriously bad.

I really like the ICONex wallet as it can hold all ERC20 tokens and the UI is amazingly simple.


When would be your flip point? 2x? 5x? 10x?


I genuinely dont know. Good chance ill stake for 2 yrs. What about you?


I have the same message, although I could participate on 04.09.2018. Maybe it is some kind of a bug? 1 have 1 day left to participate.


Buy tomorrow and you’ll get neo for a lot less than NEX’s average price.


It seems to be good decision that I waited with the participation. My plan was to sell my $ELA bag and buy $NEX with the money but they fell together…so I must bring new money on the table at least until the $ELA price goes up.