NEX | A Platform For Decentralized Cryptographic Trade and Payment Service Creation



The price drops make buying NEX at that locked price more palatable.


Anyone wanna buy one of my lottery spots? Please dm me


Ooops! What happened?


No issues mate, just offering it out there.


Not sure if this is old news but NEX has gotten approval by the FMA.Seems huge to me.


Anyone has a NEX account they’re not going to use please dm me.


Is it good idea to pay $2,3 / NEX token in the ICO?


No, buy neo now if u can, otherwise it might be a long hold. Why around you have to pay 2.3usd for one nex


Do you think it won’t do at least 10x profit?


Are you guys moving the NEX tokens off the NEX Chrome Extension wallet to the NEON wallet? I moved mine to NEON wallet (with Ledger Nano S).

I’ve just noticed that NEX appears to allow me to contribute another $1000 again.

Will we need to leave it on NEX to stake the tokens?


Like you, I have mine on my Nano S currently. But I think we’ll have to move the tokens back to the extension to stake.


I’d like to think so


The contribution address shows about 809k NEO. It is about $15m. So about $10m will be available in the 2nd round.


You could spend all day going through the transactions. A lot of the recent ones havent maxed their 1k too. Interesting. Are you in for Round 2?


Gonna be a round 2 then.


Who knows, it’s an ico, it’s a bear market, might go below ico price might flip.


Does anybody knows , will nex tokens be on some exchange before NEX exchange is launched?


I dont think so…


Technically it could go on switcheo as that supports nep5 tokens


Personally I don’t think NEX will be listed on any exchanges. It appears that the value of the token is the dividend it pays out. This is going to be a long term HODL, 5-10 years. That’s fine with me.